A novice semi driver cut a corner too short and partially blocked traffic on west U.S. 54 at Rick's Restaurant about a mile west of Pratt Wednesday afternoon.

A CRST semi truck and trailer blocked one lane of U.S. 54 Wednesday afternoon when the driver, who had only been driving truck professionally for a week and a half, cut a turn too short and got hung up in a ditch on the north side of U.S. 54

The driver had parked the truck eastbound on an access road on the north side of the highway then walked to Rick's to eat, said Kansas Highway Patrol Master Trooper Mark Crump.

When he tried to turn onto U.S. 54 and head west, he cut the corner too short and ended up with the rear trailer wheels in the north ditch. The trailer was caught on the undercarriage and one of the jack stands. The rear wheels on the driver's side of the tractor were off the ground.

Southwest Truck Parts was called to pull the truck out. When the wrecker started to pull the truck out, the trailer started to lean like it might fall over. Southwest stopped and reset with the wrecker running a line across the top of the trailer to keep it steady. A second wrecker was called and the truck was pulled from the ditch without incident.

Since there was no accident and no damage to the trailer, no citation was given, Crump said.

The truck was headed to California and the trailer had 34,000 pounds of cargo.

Traffic was reduced to one lane with Kansas Department of Transportation workers flagging traffic for about an hour and a half after the incident that occurred just after 2 p.m. on Sept. 27.