Four groups and businesses in Pratt are now monitoring the Little Library boxes put out recently around town. A variety of children and adult boxes are available for exchange and enjoyment.

For those who love to read, four wooden Little Library boxes around Pratt are providing a rotating variety of literature to choose from, at all hours.
"We have four groups who has stepped forward to adopt each library and are keeping watch on the reading materials," said Rochelle Westerhaus, Pratt Public Librarian. "They will make sure that appropriate material is being exchanged and update the contents every now and then."
Westerhaus said children's books, non-fiction and fiction for adults had been distributed in each Little Library, and she had reports that contents were being exchanged.
"We hope that people will bring in a good book that they really liked and exchange it for something new," she said. "Replacements are available at the library for the groups who are supervising each box."
The PEO Chapter F, PEO Chapter IF, the Pratt Tribune and the Rotary Club are providing stewardship for the boxes. See sidebar for locations.