Alex Deaton was sentenced to 13 years for a Kwik Shop shooting and robbery that injured clerk Riley Juel.

Editor's Note: A portion of this story was provided by Tom Hill, reporter from the Rankin County News based in Brandon, Mississippi that is covering the Alex Deaton case in that state.

Alex Deaton was sentenced Oct. 16 to 155 months for attempted first degree murder and 59 months for aggravated robbery for a March 1 incident where he shot Pratt Kwik Shop Clerk Riley Juel in the stomach, stole his car then fled to Ellsworth County where we was captured near Wilson. Pratt County District Court Judge Frank Meisenheimer passed the sentences that will be served concurrently. Deaton will also have 36 months probation at the end of that sentence. He will received time served for the 229 days he has already spent in jail. Deaton pleaded guilty to the charges on July 2.

The sentencing was done in accordance with the plea agreement on July 2. Defense Attorney Monique Centeno and prosecuting attorney Assistant Attorney General Jessica Domme both agreed to the sentencing. Pratt County Attorney Tracey Beverlin assisted in the case.

Deaton may not have long to spend in prison in Kansas. Mississippi is expected to extradite Deaton to stand trial for two counts of murder. If Deaton cooperates with the extradition, the process could take a couple of weeks. If he doesn't cooperate, the process could take two months, said reporter Tom Hill, from the Rankin County News in Brandon, Mississippi, who spoke with the Rankin County District Attorney.

Deaton is could also face charges in New Mexico robbery and attempted murder.

Deaton's crime spree began in Rankin County, Mississippi. A Rankin County grand jury indicted Deaton for first degree murder, auto theft and a drive by shooting.

Late Feb. 22 or early Feb. 23 Deaton allegedly strangled his former girlfriend Heather Robinson and stole her car. Deaton also faces a murder charge in Neshoba County in Mississippi when he allegedly shot and killed 69-year-old Brenda Printer who was working in the Dixon Baptist Church, Hill said.

On Feb. 24, Deaton allegedly shot a woman who was jogging on Castlewoods Boulevard. It's believed Deaton then drove to Oklahoma and then New Mexico where he carjacked a couple near La Luz Trailhead in Albuquerque. The male pulled an emergency release in the trunk and the couple escaped. Deaton allegedly shot the man in the buttocks and chased the woman to a house, stole the vehicle at the house then went back the Honda Accord where the woman escaped, Hill said.

Then Deaton traveled to Kansas where a Kiowa County Deputy gave pursuit into Pratt County where their deputies gave chase. Stop Stix were deployed in Pratt and Deaton eventually abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot to the Kwik Shop about 4:40 a.m. where he shot Juel in the stomach, stole his Cadillac and fled. Kansas Highway Patrol spotted the stolen car in Ellsworth County and caught up with Deaton near Wilson. The car rolled and Deaton was removed from the vehicle unharmed. The vehicle then caught fire and was destroyed. No officers were injured in the pursuit.

Deaton remains in the Pratt County Jail on a $5 million bond and is being held for Mississippi.