An area in northeast Pratt County will be checked for a potential health code violation.

An area north of Waldeck, where several trailers are parked, will be inspected for a possible health code violation. The Pratt County Commission learned of the inspection during their regular weekly meeting Oct. 23.

The area in question is about a half mile north of Waldeck that is on NE 70th avenue about a half mile north of East 54 Highway. The trailers have been on the site in question for some time and the exact number of people living at the site is unknown. An area resident expressed concerns about a possible health code violation and Robert Torres of county environmental services said he would visit the site to determine if any health code violation existed on the site and how many people were living there.

Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, said he is shutting off the water at the Pratt County Veteran's Memorial Lake for the season. He had notified several campers about the change that comes on the heels of weather predictions of temperatures below freezing this week.

The Commissioners signed a road crossing permit for Kansas Gas Service so they could make a repair.

Two road grader operators are retiring in mid-November and Freund will have to replace them.

The Commissioners agreed to sign a letter of support for Arrowhead West that is applying for a grant.