Numerous community locations have benefited from community service hours.

Numerous locations across the county are benefitting from community service hours. Nancy Smith, Community Service work coordinator, presented the numbers for 2017 to the Pratt County Commissioners at their regular weekly meeting on Jan. 22.

Smith said 47 community service workers had completed 2,479 hours of work in the county in 2017. Locations served include Pratt County Courthouse, Pratt Law Enforcement Center, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, Pratt County Food bank, Commodity Distributions, Pratt Area Humane Society, Pratt Area Recycling Center, Pratt County Veteran's Memorial Lake, Hope Center. Pratt Health Foundation, Prairieland Foods, Southwind Thrift Shop, Red Cross, Pass it Forward Ministries, Lemon Park Lights, Salvation Army, maintenance in Coats and Byers.

Currently there are 57 open files for community service work: Pratt County Attorney-24 open files; South Central Community Corrections-22 open files; Court Services-11 open files, Smith said.

Most recently, community service workers helped unload and distribute commodities at the Pratt Community Center.

Darcie VanDerVyver, director of Public Health, said her staff had taken radio training last week to learn the UHF and VHF system in the Health Department building. The Health Department has a frequency assigned to them but they very seldom use it.

Work is also going on to upgrade the phone system to meet state and federal requirements for handling information. Other ongoing upgrade projects include getting estimates for changing the lighting in the front office staff area and the billing office. The large square light covers in those areas, and other areas of the building, require several staff members to change any lights and are inefficient. A second preparedness trailer is also being considered because they have more equipment than will fit in one trailer.

VanDerVyver said they still have flu vaccine and it's not too late to get vaccinated.

Commissioners spent a long time working with County Appraiser D.J. McMurry, County Road and Bridge Supervisor Doug Freund and County Emergency Manager Tim Branscom making sure that everything retired Administrator of Emergency and Medical Services for Pratt County Mark McManaman did was covered. McManaman had many duties and the Commissioners made sure everything would get done. A few of those duties include checking on road signage, adding new addresses to the 911 system and updating the books in the ambulances, providing medical assistance for sick and injured, maintains repeater towers, maintenance on emergency generators, maintain emergency sirens and a host of other duties. The county is conducting a search for a new administrator.

In other action:

Commissioners approved a bid from Dell to purchase two Dell computers for $1,017 each to replace computers for County Clerk Sherry Kruse and Deputy County Clerk Lori Voss.

Commissioners approved $1,200 a month for Lou's Cleaning Service to clean the courthouse.

Commissioners approved $7,500 for Integreen to replace 12 drip pans in the HVAC system.

Travis Davis and Chris Eubank presented a request to have wind turbines in a proposed NextEra Energy wind farm moved further away from their properties. Commission Chair Glenna Borho said they had no control over where towers were placed other than county regulations and they would be better served to present their request at the commission public hearing on the wind farm at 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 5 in the commission room when the NextEra Project Director Sam Massey would be present to hear their request. The pair agreed they would return and resubmit their request. Neither plans on taking part in the wind farm project.