Les Adams loves motocross racing, and though he is just out of the hospital recovering from a broken pelvis, he has plans to get back on his bike as soon as possible.

Pratt motocross champion racer Les Adams is an amazing kind of guy, both on and off his bike.
On July 1 Adams, a derrick hand for Alliance Well Service, was airlifted from a Marion, Kansas race track to Via Christi Hospital in Wichita for emergency surgery. He had pelvic fractures from a bumpy landing after soaring his 2017 Honda 450 more than 15 feet in the air during a morning practice run. He had surgery the next day to repair his shattered pelvis.
On July 4 Adams and his family – including his dad Les “Fiesty” Adams and his mother Nancy and other friends—watched fireworks from his seventh-floor hospital room
‘It was cool,” Adams said, to view the Wichita sky brilliantly painted with color from his high-rise vantage point.
On Wednesday, July 11, the 28-year-old Adams returned to his Pratt home at 111 South Pearl to recuperate, after being released from Via Christi Rehabilitation Center two weeks sooner that he had been told he would be able to go home.
Adams credits his early release to his determination not to let the accident change his lifestyle.
Since beginning racing full-time when he was 12 years old and in junior high school, Adams has been in the winner’s circle more than a few times.  His living room walls are decorated with awards of all sorts. A bevy of trophies on the coffee table also attest to Adams’ skill in the motocross circuit.
There’s also a bevy of friends to help him keep up his spirits through this time of recuperation from injury. They encourage him with posts on his Facebook page.
On his cell phone Adams has an x-ray picture of his pelvis, showing a break and multiple fractures. He has months of therapy and medications ahead. He has been told by his doctors to use his wheelchair as much as possible to lessen weight-bearing strain on his body. Facebook friends offer much advice as to how to avoid over-straining.
Adams knows his injuries will take time to mend, but he doesn’t take the docs’ word for it that it will be a few years until he can race again.
Adams also knows pain will be his constant companion for some time and he’s thankful for relief he gets from prescription medication and hopeful for relief from a new Tens machine he received as a gift.
But underlying and shaping Adams’s future is the spirit of determination that keeps him a winner. And if he has his way, he’ll be back -- sooner than later.
“I’ll be back for Supercross 2019 in June in Park City,” Adams said.
He rejects the medical prognosis putting his return to racing date around 2021.
While he’s recouping, Adams will stay in touch with old friends, and perhaps make some new friends, through his Facebook page.
He won’t be able to work until the doctor releases him, yet his expenses will  not go away.
For those who would like to assist with Adams’ medical and other expenses, a Go Fund Me account has been set up for him online, organized by Donita Leckner.
He looks forward to getting back on the bike as soon as he is able.