Pratt County Commissioners got a good financial report from the Pratt Regional Medical Center and a request for funding from the Pilot Club.

Finances for Pratt Regional Medical Center are good so far in 2018. Alan Waites, PRMC chief financial officer, reported to the Pratt County commissioners that gross revenue for last nine months was $78.9 million and that is $3.9 favorable for the hospital budget.

The net revenue for the last nine months is $2.3 million favorable.

“Our revenues have been strong,” Waites said.

Susan Page, PRMC president and chief executive officer, reported that sales tax revenues continue to be above predicted levels. May sales tax revenues were $152,000 above the predicted level while the overall sales tax revenue for the new addition and remodel is $1.5 million above predicted levels.

Pratt Pilot Club is working on purchasing new playground equipment for all children, including all disabled children, for Sixth Street Park. Anel Cox, Pilot Club president, and members Jean Thomas and Linda Broce presented a request for $20,000 to help pay for a portion of the equipment that includes a zip line. Pilot Club wants the equipment to be all inclusive so the children can interact.

Sixth Street has just a couple of pieces of equipment and there are no benches for the equipment. Six benches have been purchased and total cost of the equipment is $47,300. The equipment is also for suitable for adults. No action was taken on the request.

The commissioners agreed to accept an offer of $15,000 for taxes due Pratt County in the Pratt Well bankruptcy case. The full amount owed the county is $38,000 but County Counselor Bob Schmisseur said the attorney handling Pratt County’s portion of the case said the county should take the 40 percent of the total offer and the commissioners agreed.

Commissioners ap- proved a $7,560 license upgrade for the county Graphic Information System in the county appraisers office. The upgrade contract is with Environmental Systems. This is not adding a license but just upgrading the current one, said D.J. McMurry, county appraiser.

The jail renovation at Pratt Law Enforcement Center is progressing. Sheriff Jimmy White said the windows in the building need to be replaced.