Recently there was a column in this paper by Gene Policinski, chief operating officer of the Newseum Institute. His writing was titled "Survey: More Americans see less media bias."

I am weighing in on this man's column because nothing could be further from the truth about our perception of media bias, and I don't need some poll or survey to prove him wrong. Besides, most polls or surveys are created to get the public thinking the same as the authors, not to determine what people actually think on their own.

Only a liberal could suggest we the people, all of a sudden, are giving mainstream media a pass. Surely Policinski can see nothing has changed in the past six months. Mainstream media is just as determined today to destroy a Trump presidency as it was the day of the presidential inauguration.

If anything, media bias is getting worse, and most of us see that is the case. Media is in desperation mode since the Trump-Russia collusion narrative is collapsing. Now media claims Trump is another Hitler.

Mainstream media engages most of the time in fake news when it comes to politics. It's safe to say Policinski's column is just another fake news story.

We the people know the press has an agenda, and it isn't about being objective or nonpartisan in its reporting. Most of us can see the double standard where there are claims of Trump collusion with no evidence while ignoring (sins of omission) incontrovertible evidence of Democrats doing the colluding with Russia.

Do you suppose the author of the column in question has skin in the game and is no more objective than those journalists he is trying to protect?

The Newseum Institute is based in liberal D.C.

My purpose for writing this letter is not so much a criticism of Policinski as it is the importance of readers knowing media bias coming from the left is just as bad as ever.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.