The Newton High School bowling teams claimed a split in a dual meet against Salina South Wednesday at Play-Mor Lanes.

The Newton boys posted a season-high team score of 2,460, 18 pins better than South. The Newton girls fell to South 2,050-1,879.

“The boys have been improving all season,” Newton coach Keith Woolery said. “We’re still hit and miss in consistency. We leave a lot of single pins. It’s like missing free throws. Those are the ones you hate to miss. We’re throwing as many strikes as anyone out there. It hurts when you have the open frames. The scores are going up. We’ve been over 2,400 the last half of the season. With any luck, we’ll keep improving for league and regionals. The girls are shooting pretty well. Today was a solid showing for them.”

The boys were led by Newton’s Jake Lindenmeyer with a 697, followed by Brett Ashcraft and South’s Kyle Miller each at 622.

Bailey Garton of Newton had the high game of 257, followed by Lindenmeyer at 254 and Ashcraft at 251.

“That’s the best I’ve ever bowled,” Lindenmeyer said. “I knew going into senior night, I wanted to do something and I feel I accomplished that. One more spare and I would have had (the 700 series). I just tried to relax. This was the last time I would ever bowl here (in high school competition). I’d like to shoot a 700 at league or regional. It would make the experience worth it.”

“That is the best series of the season for us,” Woolery said. “Brett Ashcraft shot a 680 two meets ago. If Jake would have had one more mark, that would have put him over 700, which we haven’t had this season.”

Garton finished at 594, followed by Hervey Medina at 535, Treyton Rice at 486 and Tanner Pauls at 420.

South had the top three series led by Bella Cazahous at 582, Kinsey Miller at 496 and Newton’s Jenna Baldwin at 478. Cazahous had the high game of 223, followed by Baldwin at 191 and Miller at 188.

Baldwin led Newton at 476, followed by Adrianna Lettau at 460, Katy Clanton at 432, Katelyn Terbovitch at 429, Victoria Villalobos at 346 and Shelby Wolfe at 330.

The Newton JV boys topped South 1,887-1,373. The Newton JV girls fell to South 1,547-1,426

The Newton junior varsity girls were led by Bow Waithayakul with a 364 and a high game for the team at 161.

Bryce Nicholson led the Newton JV boys at 523. Cale Lasiter had Newton’s high game of 245.

Newton competes Thursday in the Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail League Division I Championships at Seneca Bowl in Wichita. The junior varsity meet is at 10 a.m., followed by varsity at 1:30 p.m. Both Newton varsity teams are 2-4 in the league and regular-season results are factored into the league tournament to determine the league champion.

The regional meet is Feb. 23 at All-Star Lanes in Salina. The top three teams will advance to state. The format of both regionals and state have changed this year. The top six bowlers not on the top three teams also qualify.

Team competition for both regional and state will consist of three regular games, followed by four Baker games (a team format where each team member bowls one frame, followed by another teammate). The pin count for both phases will determine the team score.

“We just have to see what happens there,” Woolery said. “We bowled well at Salina yesterday, but not well enough to win. We were very close against solid teams. I’m optimistic about us finishing the season strong. We have a lot of depth on the boys’ team.”

Varsity Girls


Bella Cazahous;223;175;184;—582

Lauren Lust;123;148;183;—454

Kinsey Miller;148;188;160;—496

Kaitlyn Baker;184;136;152;—472

Mikayla Talbott;134;133;138;—405

Shelby Wood;174;155;166;—457


Jenna Baldwin;142;191;145;—478

Adrianna Lettau;135;169;156;—460

Katelyn Terbovitch;106;155;168;—429

Katy Clanton;163;143;126;—432

Victoria Villalobos;114;137;95;—346

Shelby Wolfe;136;113;81;—330



Varsity Boys


Dustin Lauffer;229;205;179;—613

Caleb Demel;204;211;180;—595

Kyle Miller;196;214;212;—622

Dane Van Atta;218;168;167;—553

Kadin Berry;154;201;176;—531

Mason Leatherman;213;113;141;—467


Hervey Medina;171;156;212;—535

Jake Lindenmeyer;223;254;220;—697

Brett Ashcraft;251;181;190;—622

Treyton Rice;179;136;171;—486

Bailey Garton;171;166;257;—594

Tanner Pauls;132;156;132;—420



Junior Varsity Girls

Salina South 1,547, Newton 1,426

NEWTON — McKayla Garton 123-106-127—356, Brynna Walton 114-105-92—311, Bow Waithayakul 93-161-110—364, Tiffany Steffl 149-89-107—345, Chi Nguyen 141-82-94—317.

Junior Varsity Boys

Newton 1,887, Salina South 1,373

NEWTON — Bryce Nicholson 156-172-196—523, Joey Gile 170-153-124—447, Cale Lasiter 139-245-122—506, Mason Rossiter 148-138-132—418, Kobe Burns 149-126-154—429, Guilherme Berbel 112-116-118—346.

Tuesday’s matches

vs. Salina Sacred Heart and Junction City

Sacred Heart and Junction City team scores were n/a

Varsity girls (1,685) — Baldwin 153-151-145—449, Lettau 136-120-130—386, Terbovitch 108-147-155—410, Clanton 86-120-101—307, Villalobos 138-94-150—382, Garton 140-117-103—360.

Varsity boys (2,400) — Medina 178-175-204—557, Lindenmeyer 256-166-170—492, Ashcraft 203-188-208—599, Pauls 128-148-190—466, Garton 205-171-161—537, Nicholson 139-198-224—561.

JV girls (1,374) — Wolfe 126-158-96—380, Walton 99-127-115—341, Waithayakul 110-104-105—319, Steffl 106-100-82—288, Nguyen 90-114-114—318.

JV boys (2,068) — Rice 157-149-154—460, Gile 172-229-163—564, Laister 208-173-147—208-528, Rossiter 191-154-166—511, Burns 140-146-152—438, Shawn Lettau 123-115-139—377.