Macksville defeated Skyline 58-12 at home on Friday

At Macksville on Friday night, Skyline was unable to move the ball on the ground against the Mustang defense. The result was a 58-12 run-ruling in the third quarter in favor of the home team.

The T-Birds only totaled 28 rushing yards for the game. They did move the ball some through the air-143 yards worth, and a Carson Lee to Braden Tyler pass found the endzone in the first period. But the inability to sustain drives meant that Skyline was turning the ball back to Macksville too often.

And the Mustangs knew what to do with it.

The ‘Stangs helped themselves to 4 TDs in Q1. A Braden Tyler kickoff return gave Skyline its other touchdown and the T-Birds were down just two scores after the first quarter. But Skyline would score no more on the night.

Overall, Skyline just could not get big chunks of yardage on their efforts. A Carson Lee to Jackson Dunn pass went for 50 yards at one point, but that play was not typical. The T-Birds averaged 2.2 yards per play aside from the Lee-Dunn bomb.

Macksville tacked on 22 more points in Q2 to go into the break leading 50-12. When the ‘Stangs put the ball in the end zone in the third quarter, that ended the contest with Macksville ahead 58-12.

District play continues Friday as the Thunderbirds travel to Fairfield.