Pratt County 4-H’ers participated in a wide variety of categories at the Kansas State Fair.


Pratt County 4-H’ers participated in a wide variety of categories at the Kansas State Fair.
Results are in alphabetical order with livestock and team judging results at the end.
Acosta, Luz: Clothing-Blue; Color Photo-Blue.                                                                                                       
Bergner, Lindsey: Patchwork and Quilting-Red; Color Photo-Blue.                                                                                                           
Black, Abby: Needle Arts-Blue; Fashion Review/Constructed Garments-Blue                                                                                                  
Black, Austin: Woodwork/Gun rack-White                                                                                                                    
Black, Victoria: Pole Bending-Not Ranked; Barrel Racing-Not Ranked; Food Product-Red.                                                                                                                
Botello, Elena: Visual Arts-Selected for Rock Springs display.                                                                                                  
Brehm, Ellie: Food Product-Red.                                                                                                             
Brenner, Jed: Fashion Review/Buymanship-Purple.                                                                                                   
Buhler, Katie: Clothing-Blue; Patchwork and Quilting-Purple; Food Product-Purple.                                                                                                          
Burcham, Taylor: Color Photo-Purple.                                                                                                                   
Burns, Jennifer: Pole Bending-Seventh; Flag Race-Not Ranked; Team Roping-Not Ranked.                                                                                                     
Burns, Steven: Breakaway Roping-Not Ranked; Team Roping-Not Ranked.                                                                                                  
Clarkson, Andrea: Color Photo-Red.                                                                                                                       
Coates, Hannah: Food Product-Blue; Geology-Blue.                                                                                                             
DeWeese, Jarod: Wheat Variety Plot Display-Blue; Patchwork and Quilting-Blue; AC Electric Projects-Purple.                                                                                                       
DeWeese, Jessica: Barrel Racing-Not Ranked; Flag Race-Not Ranked; Food Product-Purple.                                                                                                                   
DeWeese, Taylor: Barrel Racing-Not Ranked; Flag Race-Not Ranked Clothing-Red; Patchwork and Quilting-White; Food Product-Purple; Foods Educational Exhibit-Purple; Sweet Spreads –Syrups-Participant.                                                                                            
Eastes, Ellie: Fashion Review/Buymanship-Purple.                                                                                     
Eastes, Sam: Color Photo-Blue                                                                                                                  
Fincham, Cole: Rocket from Kit-Blue            
Fitzsimmons, James/Jenna: Demonstration-Participants.                                                                                                           
Fitzsimmons, Jenna: Visual Arts-Selected for Rock Springs display.                                                                                                        
Giles, Abby: Clothing-Red; Color Photo-Blue; Videos/Movies-Red.                                                                                                            
Giles, Betsy: Knitting-Purple; Patchwork and Quilting-Red; Color Photo-Red.                                                                             
Giles, Matthew: Color Photo-Blue, 4-H Foundation selection.                                                                                               
Gilleece, Tia: Breakaway Roping-Not Ranked; Team Roping-Not Ranked.                                                                 
Hall, Allicia: Color Photo-Blue, Selected for Photo Traveling Collection.                                                
Hankins, Cheyenne: Color Photo-Blue.   
Hodgkinson, Ciara: Food Product-White.                                                                                          
Hodgkinson, Dalton: Shooting Sports Poster-Purple.                                                                                                                                   
Houdyshell, Brianna: Visual Art-Selected for Rock Springs display.                                                                                    
Kenworthy, Layton: Visual Arts-Selected for Rock Springs display.                  
Koster, Kelcy: Color Photo-Red.                                                                                             
Kumberg, Colin: Medium Vegetable Specimen Plate-Purple; Rocket from Kit-Blue.                                                                                               
Kumberg, Katelyn: Medium Vegetable Specimen Plate-Purple.                                                                                          
Lincoln Climbers: Banner-Participant.                                                                                                                            
McComb, Brady: Entomology Educational Exhibit-Purple.                                                                                         
McGowan, Allisan: Clothing-Purple.                                                                                           
Moore, Madison: Needle Arts-Blue.                                                                                             
Murphy, Caleb: Woodwork/Drum sticks-Blue; Color Photo-Blue.                                                                                             
Murphy, Praise: Clothing-Red; Pickles and Relishes-Red.                                                                                           
Murray, Gabrielle: Clothing-Purple; Clothing Educational Exhibit-Purple; Patchwork and Quilting-Purple; Food Product-Blue; Visual Arts-Participant; Black and White Photo-Blue.                                                                                         
Murray, Shiloh:  Clothing-Blue; Patchwork and Quilting-Purple; Color Photo-Red.                                                                                                   
Orler, Makala: Medium Vegetable Specimen Plate-Blue; Large Vegetable Specimen Plate-Blue; Food Product-White; Sweet Spreads/Syrups-Purple; Black and White Photo-Blue.                                                                                             
Orler, Payje: Medium Vegetable Specimen Plate-Blue; Large Vegetable Specimen Plate-Red; Barrel Racing-Not Ranked; Flag Race-Not Ranked; Breakaway Roping-Not Ranked; Team Roping-Not Ranked; Food Product-Purple; Sweet Spreads/Syrups-Blue; Color Photo-Blue.                                                                                                             
Pratt Pioneers: Banner-Participant.                                                                                                                            
Schepmann, Ryan: Geology-Red.                                                                                                              
Tatro, Breanna: Dog Showmanship-Blue.                                                                                                                 
Tobin, Taylor: Clothing-Purple; Needle Arts-Purple; Color Photo-Blue.                                                                                                         
Twiner, Saige: Clothing-Blue.                                                                                                      
VanSlyke, Cassie: Color Photo-Blue.                                                                                                              
Will, Aubrey: Clothing-Blue; Patchwork and Quilting-Blue.
Livestock results
Market Hog
Taylor DeWeese: Crossbred Light-tenth; Crossbred Dark/seventh.
Jessica DeWeese: Crossbred Dark-99.
Breeding Gilt
Jessica DeWeese: Commercial Class 9-first.  
Market Lamb
Taylor Stratford: Crossbreed-sixth.
MaKala Orler: Natural-Tenth.
Brady McComb: Natural-seventh.
Payje Orler: Speckled-third.
MaKala Orler: Speckled-sixth; Speckled-eighth.
Taylor Stratford: Speckled-sixth; Speckled-seventh.
Payje Orler: Speckled-eleventh.
Market Beef
MaKala Orler: Maine Anjou Class 6-sixth.
Garret Smith: AOB Class 9-fifth.
MaKala Orler: AOB Class 9-eighth.
Ty Montgomery: Crossbred Class 14-third.
Breeding Beef
Garret Smith: Chianina Class 16-second.
Ty Montgomery: ROB Class 51-second. ROB Class 49-third.
Judging Teams
Senior Photography Team
Ranked 12 of 24 teams.
Abby Giles-11; Betsy Giles-48; Taylor Tobin-66; MaKala Orler-94.
Intermediate Photography Team
Ranked 13 of 23 teams. Allicia Hall-11; Cassie Van Slyke-60; Kelcy Koster-64; Matthew Giles-96.
Senior FCS Team
Ranked 33 of 63 teams. Katelyn Kumberg-32; Peyton Kennedy-151; Abby Giles-164; MaKala Orler-181.
Intermediate FCS Team
Ranked 6 of 60 teams. Ciara Hodgkinson-19; Betsy Giles-20; Matthew Giles-66; Taylor DeWeese-127.