After weeks of being on hold, the Maple Street extension is about to get back on track.

After weeks of being on hold, the Maple Street extension is about to get back on track.

A monolithic pour unit is scheduled to be on site this week, said Pratt City Manager Dave Howard.

The monolithic pour unit pours the street and the curb and gutter at the same time so the project will go quickly once the pouring starts. The project will be done in two pours, each pour will cover half the street.

“When they do get it started, it will go fairly quickly,” Howard said.

The dirt work and connecting bridge have been completed for weeks but the remainder of the project was put on hold until the pouring equipment was available.

“I think they had done most everything they could do until the pouring equipment arrived,” Howard said.

Originally, when the city commissioners voted to do the project, they secured Middle Creek as the contractor and had everything in place to start the project. However, concerned citizens were not pleased that the manner that the city commissioners approved the project and wanted the give the voters the chance to vote on the issue. Petitions were circulated and the project had to be put on hold until the matter could be settled.

After problems with the wording on the petition, District Court Judge Bob Schmisseur ruled on wording that was accepted by both the city and the citizens. A special election was held and the extension was passed.

It took so long to get the matter solved that Middle Creek had to put the Maple Street extension later in their schedule so when the dirt work, drainage and bridge were completed the project came to a stop until the pour machine was available.

“It’s just an unfortunate circumstance because of stopping the project,” Howard said.

The cost of the project is approximately $750,000.

Another street project is nearing completion. A new layer of asphalt was poured on Stout Street last week and the last few feet is about to be poured with concrete, Howard said.

The asphalt went from just north of the Stout Street and First Street intersection all the way to the entrance at Green Lawn Cemetery. It took just a couple of days to complete that project after several places along Stout were repaired.

Crews from APAC Shears Division are doing the construction work on the Stout Street project that cost about $450,000.

Mean while work continues to replace the water line on South Main from First Street to Sixth Street. Crews were busy the past couple of days drilling a tunnel for the water line from Fourth Street to Fifth Street.

The water line project is running about a week behind schedule because of some unexpected problems. A few things had to be modified. It’s nothing major but it has caused a little bit of a delay, Howard said.

Howard is anxious for construction crews to get projects finished as soon as possible. Crews have had good construction weather that could change very quickly.

“The further we go into the year, the more concern the weather becomes,” Howard said.