The Kids wrestling club brought home a lot of hardware last weekend.

The Kids wrestling club brought home a lot of hardware last weekend. 

On Saturday the club hosted the District 4 qualifying tournament, with the top 4 placers from each bracket moving on to state. On Sunday, the Pratt Wrestling Club girls went to McPherson and dominated the women's state tournament. Also on Sunday, the little guys went to Ottawa to 6 and under state and gave them a taste of what's to come this weekend. 

The Kid’s Wrestling Club travels to the state tournament in Topeka on Saturday to try and bring home more trophies.

These kids have worked extremely hard all year with the help of their coaches and parents to make it this far in the year!  We are all so proud of our little Greenbacks! Good Luck at State!


District 4 Results


8 and under

Thomas Behring 0-2 6th

Dawson Evert 1-2 5th w/ 1 pin

Dalton Weber 2-0 1st w/ 1 pin

Tayton Herrman 0-2

Kaden Sparagis 3-1 3rd

Devon Weber 3-0 1st w/ 1 pin

Lucas Baker 3-0 3rd w/ 1 pin

Kaiser Pelland 1-3 6th

Blake Coss 2-2 5th

Derek Roadhouse 0-2

Gage Taylor 1-3 6th


10 and under

Jadon Koehler 2-2 4th w/ 1 pin

Kadence Riner 3-1 3rd

Brett Winsor 1-3 6th

Justin Lamatsch 2-2 4th w/ 1 pin


12 and under

Rance Tucker 2-2 4th w/ 1 pin

Dalton Prosser 2-1 2nd w/ 1 pin

Standard Brown 2-2 4th w/ 1 pin


14 and under

Hayden May 1-2 4th

Trenton Herrman 2-2 5th

Hudson Swift 1-1 2nd

Tristen Paulson 1-1 2nd


High School Div.

Ross Harris 2-1 2nd

Zac Dipman 2-1 2nd w/ 1 pin

Jacob Morris 1-2 6th w/ 1 pin


Kansas Womens State Results


Daisy Herrman 3-0 1st w/ 3 pins

Allyson James 0-2 3rd

Lilly Herrman 1-2 3rd

Livia Swift 3-0 1st w/ 3 pins


Kansas 6 and Under State Results


Kaden Spragis 5-2 5th w/ 2 pins

Dylan Gantz 1-2

Dalton Weber 4-0 1st w/ 1 pin

Cameron Konkel 3-1 3rd w/ 2 pins

Hunter Teasley 0-3 4th

Koda Dipman 4-1 3rd w/ 3 pins