Kansas weather can be random and cruel to anyone who spends the majority of their time outdoors.

Kansas weather can be random and cruel to anyone who spends the majority of their time outdoors.

For someone who spends each day running 40-50 miles through any given weather conditions and elevation, a quick jaunt through the Sunflower State is probably not as taxing as stretches through deserts or mountains, but ugly weather can make the plains of Kansas a burden.

Ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes, a man on a journey to run all the way across America for the ‘Action for Healthy Kids’ charity, made his way through Pratt yesterday as he travels east toward Wichita and his finish line in New York City.

Karnazes has partnered with ‘LIVE! with Regis and Kelly’ to make his journey across the United States, starting in California and ending on the morning talk show’s studios. He is slated to arrive in New York sometime in the middle of May.

With Kansas weather so inconsistent, Karnazes will undoubtedly enjoy the second half of his trip through the state as temperatures get up into the 70s over the weekend. The first half featured freezing temperatures and even some snow.

Tuesday’s chilly temperatures forced Karnazes to bundle up as he made his way through Pratt.

A television crew from Wichita came out to neighboring Cullison to do a live check-in with Karnazes for the ‘LIVE! with Regis and Kelly’ show. He then began his journey through town. He traveled due east on First St. and will make his way into Wichita later this week.

People who knew he was coming through made their way out to watch him run by or take his picture on Tuesday morning. Fans that would like to run with Karnazes can still do so, as he has a scheduled ‘Run with Dean’ event on Thursday in Goddard. Registration for that event is still open via the Regis and Kelly Web site, www.LiveRegisAndKelly.com.

On his journey, Karnazes runs about nine hours each day. He says weather is always his biggest obstacle. Extreme conditions curb his hunger, which then deprives his body of valuable nutritious intake to power through each day.

Extreme heat is tougher on Karnazes than the bitter cold, meaning his trip through Kansas has been better than some stretches, getting the opportunity to run downhill through 40-degree temperatures. Each day, Karnazes has to adjust to the weather conditions he’ll face that day. While elevation counts too, the weather-related adjustments he has to make are the ones that slow him down the most.

Many times, a crew member traveling along with him will get out of the support vehicle and run with Karnazes. Tuesday through Pratt, crew member Kevin Tobin ran 28 miles alongside him. Fans also do a bit of running along with him, though they undoubtedly have trouble going as far.

Fans that want to keep up with Karnazes as he continues his journey can follow him on the Regis and Kelly show and also visit their Web site for updates.