Pratt Regional Airport continues to play a waiting game to find out how much financial support they will get from the city and county for their newest building.

Pratt Regional Airport continues to play a waiting game to find out how much financial support they will get from the city and county for their newest building.

The building will be a 10,000 square feet addition for McJunkin Red Man Corporation and used for storage.

The City Commissioners have to complete the budget before they will know how much they can dedicate to the new building. The County Commissioners are waiting on the city commission decision before they make a decision on how much they want to dedicate, said Reid Bell, Pratt Airport Manager.

Since neither the city nor the county commissioners have discussed the matter, the exact details of the financial support, if any, have yet to be discussed and finalized.

When the Airport Authority made the proposal to the city, Dave Howard, Pratt City manager, said he understood the proposal was in the form of a grant rather than a loan.

“There was nothing in the request to suggest we might get something back,” Howard said.

But, again, neither set of commissioners has dealt with the proposal so no final details have been made.

Some support for the project has already been made. Economic Development has already dedicated $50,000 for the new building and the city has waived the $1,500 building permit. The building project cost is estimated at $255,000.

The airport authority is seeking the financial help with the building because without it, the cost would eat up much of the airport reserves, Bell said.

In the meantime, a Neighborhood Revitalization Program has been approved for the new building. Information about the Revitalization Program was presented to the Pratt Airport Authority Board of Directors during their regular June monthly meeting.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program will last 10 years with property tax payments increasing throughout the period. The property tax amount will start at five percent of the total the first year and increase until the full 100 percent property tax will be paid on the eleventh year. 

The current McJunkin Red Man building and the new addition belong to the Pratt Airport Authority. Red Man pays rent to the Authority for the use of the building, Bell said.

A lease agreement for the building has not been completed but it will specify the amount and number of lease payments to the airport authority.

The dirt work has just been completed for the 10,000 square feet building that will be used for storage.

Concrete pouring for the building was scheduled to start June 21. The building is scheduled for delivery to the site on July 13 and August 10 is the anticipated completion date.

Material for the area around the building is under consideration. The airport has two options. They can get all new material at a cost of about $40,000 or they can have existing broken up concrete ground up and added to new material for about $20,000.

The problem is the airport only has about 500 tons of concrete but they need about 800 tons to make up half of the parking lot material. Breaking up the concrete would take about a month to complete.

However, breaking up the concrete would save money and it would clean up the old concrete piled up on the airport property, Bell said. 

McJunkin Red Man needs the new building for storage. The recent growth in the oil industry has increased the demands for oilfield materials and McJunkin Red Man, which supplies oil and gas field supplies, has outgrown their existing facilities, said Tom Haltom, McJunkin Red Man branch manager.

Business has been so good they have added four employees since Thanksgiving. With continued growth in the industry, the company expects to add more employees, Haltom said.