U.S. House of Representatives, Kansas District 4

U.S. House of Representatives, Kansas District 4

Mike Pompeo (Rep.)

IncumbentFirst Elected in 2010Education: West Point Military Academy, Harvard Law SchoolBackground: Editor, Harvard Law Review; Founder, Thayer Aerospace; President, Sentry InternationalTHE ISSUES

Immigration: “We need to increase the security along the U.S. border with Mexico.  We also need to increase the security on all fronts, including airports and seaports.  We must never forget that there are people in this world who still want to kill Americans and wreak havoc within our great country.”

Heath Care: “I am proud to have voted for the complete repeal of Obamacare on two separate occasions. The failure of the Harry Reid-led Senate to take up real healthcare reform is another example of why we need leaders in Washington who will reduce the government’s scope and demand less intrusion – and ultimately put an end to outrageous spending.”

Government Spending: “I am a committed economic conservative who believes in smaller, more efficient government that lives within its means just like you and your family do.”

Taxes:“I have consistently and unrelentingly fought every attempt to raise you taxes.  I understand that the best way to stimulate our economy and provide more jobs is to lower the burden that places on our families and businesses.”

Source: PompeoForCongress.com

Robert Tillman (Dem.)

ChallengerEducation: BA in Psychology, Sociology and Minority Studies from Wichita State University; Master’s Degree in Sociology from Wichita State University.Background: Served in Kansas National Guard; Board of Directors, United Way; Court Services Officer, Kansas 18th District Court.THE ISSUES

Immigration: “I support immigration reform including the recent "Dreams Act."

Health Care: “I support the reelection of President Barack Obama. We support retaining the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or "Obama Care". Yes, President Obama does care. You should vote as if your life depends on it.”

Reaching across the isle: “In these hard economic times, this is no time to be turning back the clock. It is a time to update our values. I want to put aside political fighting and serve all the people of Kansas. There are no current "checks & balances" in Kansas government because all of the top political positions are held by Republicans.”

Government Spending: “I support improving job opportunities by passing the Democratic proposed "Job Bill” and support regulating the financial industry. I am running for Congress to help get the United States where we need to be, not just back to where we were.”

Source: TillmanForCongress.com, KWCH.com

Thomas Jefferson (Lib.)

ChallengerEducation: AA in Information TechnologyBackground: U.S. Navy VeteranTHE ISSUES

Federal Budget: “I suggest starting with 2011 as the baseline year for budget consideration and reduce all federal spending by 4 percent per year for five years. End the Private Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and restore control of the United States currency to the Treasury Department.”

Taxes: “All current tax cuts should be extended for one year during which a review of the cuts and spending shall be addressed - the cuts found to be essential to job creation and new industry growth shall become permanent in an effort to encourage investment within the United States.”

Energy Policy: “Invent baby, invent. We need 'drill baby, drill' policies in place for today but seldom do people get out of a hole by digging deeper into it. I have selected ten technologies to change the world for the better, technologies that are American in origin and will allow the United States to begin exporting technology again while reducing dependence of foreign energy stocks. Among the technologies are: Smarter transformers, smart meters, better batteries and aluminum alloy re-processing energy technology as an inexpensive replacement for coal.”

Immigration: “In the past the number of permanent immigrants allowed into the United States has had a worldwide limit of 675,000 per year. This Presidential decision must be a ‘one time only’ offer. After this anomalous offer expires we should strengthen our border patrols.”

Source: JeffersonForCongress.com