Third facility will facilitate expansion of services.

A bare piece of land in the Prairie Parkways Business Park will be the new site for a combination office and activity area for Arrowhead West.

Preliminary architect plans reveal a one story building that will be located just north of Pratt Community College in the Business Park, said Lori Pendergast, Arrowhead West president.

The plans are not finalized and changes are anticipated before the final drawings are approved. Funding for the project will be financed, Pendergast said.

Arrowhead West has two facilities in Pratt. A duplex at Eastland just off Sixth Street and a pair of duplexes on South High Street provide housing for Arrowhead West clients.

The number of clients in Pratt and also at the Medicine Lodge facility has increased the need for activities classes in Pratt. The new facility will fill that need as well as provide additional office space for staff to operate the facility and a garden area that will be used as an additional activity space, Pendergast said.

"Now we need more day and office space," Pendergast said. " It's wonderful to need to expand."

About one third of the new 9,500 square feet facility will be dedicated to office space while the rest will be dedicated for activities.

The exact cost of the facility will not be set until the architects plans have been finalized and approved. Bids could go out by the end of the year.

The new facility is still in the planning stage and will probably not be completed for another year. When it opens, staff members from other Arrowhead offices will fill be reassigned to the positions at the new Pratt facility. Depending on staffing needs, some new hires might also be possible.

Arrowhead already has an office in Pratt that is also used as a child services office and it simply does not have enough room for everyone.

"We need more space," Pendergast said.

The new facility will provide additional space and be an ADA compliant facility.

Finding a location for the new facility was a challenge. Pratt doesn't have a lot of available land to build this type of facility.

"We were glad to find a location," Pendergast said. "It's fun to go from concept to finished building. The staff is excited about it."

Arrowhead West was founded in 1976 as a Kansas not-for-profit organization. The first facility in Pratt was built in 2004 on Eastland just off Sixth Street and the second was on High Street in 2009.

Between the Pratt and Medicine Lodge facilities, Arrowhead West serves 50 clients. The Main office is in Dodge City and serves about 100 clients in the Dodge City area.

From the beginning, Arrowhead West has worked hard to provide essential assistance for their clients and fulfill their mission goal of supporting each individual's needs and abilities as they promote community integration, Pendergast said.