Skyline math scholars made their presence known at the 34th annual Fort Hays State Math Relays on Nov 8.

The event was open to students enrolled in a state accredited high school and classified as ninth through 12th graders. There were 700 students participating from all over the state. Skyline Schools sent 15 students to the event. Their already learned skills guided them throughout the event.

"We didn't have time to get together and practice," Lee said. "I just got together with the freshman to go over the rules."

Once in Hays the students were enrolled in team competitions, single competitions or in both. The team participation part was modeled along the lines of track relays. Each student worked for seven minutes and then it was passed down to the next person.

"Being under a time crunch didn't affect my math performance, it actually helped me perform my best," junior Abby Giles said.

The students spent the entire morning testing and were scored against all students in Class 6-1A. Once the points were totaled, they were compared to other Class 3-2A schools.

While the tests were being scored the students relaxed their minds. Lee took her students out to eat at a nearby restaurant.

"I enjoyed competing, but I was glad to give my brain a break," freshman Colin Kumberg said.

The results were posted throughout the day. Skyline students who competed in team events placed first place in five events and three individual students placed first. Once the students were back at the university they were handed a packet with all the awards they won.

Overall the Skyline scholars managed to place second, regardless of their lack of study time. The students managed to double their points from previous years.

Sophomore Blake Lee said they were overwhelmed with excitement because they managed to beat high schools that were way bigger than Skyline.

"The students made me proud since they didn't have time to prepare," Lee said. "It showed me that they do pay attention to detail, and goes to show they are well rounded students."

Math Relays - 2012

Skyline Team – 2nd Place in 2A/3A

Using Number Sense:

12th Gr. Team: (Brandon, Morgan, Madison M.) – 1st


12th Grade: Madison Moore - 3rd

12th Grade: Brandon Baird - 10th

12th Grade Team: (Shannon, Morgan, Janessa) – 1st

Algebraic Manipulations:

9th Grade: Betsy Giles – 1st

9th Grade: Colin Kumberg – 12th

10th Grade Team: (Austin, Madison G., Kasey) - 8th

10th Grade: Blake Lee – 6th

12th Grade: Madison – 6th

Informal Geometry and Measurement:

9th Grade Team: (Betsy, Kasey, Colin) - 5th

12th Grade: Brandon Baird - 4th

Applications of Algebra and Arithmetic:

9th Grade: Kasey Gilpin – 10th

10th Grade Team: (Austin, Blake, Madison G.) – 3rd

12th Gr. Team: (Brandon, Morgan, Madison M.) – 6th

Calculations with Calculators:

9th Grade: Betsy Giles – 5th

9th Grade Team: (Kasey, Briana, Colin) - 8th

10th Grade: Blake Lee – 1st

11th Grade Team: (Janessa, Taylor, Abby) – 10th

12th Grade: Madison Moore – 1st

12th Grade: Brandon Baird - 3rd

12th Grade: Morgan Flowers - 6th

Tony Marquez is a senior at Skyline School.