County Commissioners take action on several items.

The Sawyer Fire Station is in the last stages of completion, but the fire department needs additional time to complete their obligations to the Kansas Department of Commerce's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. Therefore, the Pratt County Commissioners have asked for a one-month extension on their behalf to finish the project.

Items needing additional attention are door and window trim and baseboards. Additionally, the HVAC final connections need to be made.

In a letter to Linda Hunsicker, CDBG Field Representative, commissioners stated they felt an extension to the end of the year would allow all paperwork, including a public hearing, to complete the work.

Hunsicker was sent paperwork regarding the final walkthrough on Sept. 19th along with Dan Hall's assertion that this letter he uses on all his projects, has been accepted in the past, regarding Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. Also enclosed, are statements from Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse, that all items are in the project files at the Pratt County Courthouse and one from the CDBG administrator regarding fair housing. It was noted a previous letter was sent to Hunsicker containing a required Kansas Department of Transportation permit for the project.

In other maters, commissioners:

n Were informed by Dean Staab, Pratt County Environmental Director, that he recently sold four-semi trailer loads of recyclable scrap metal from the landfill for $176 a ton. Staab said he is still waiting on the weight to be computed. He also noted that Kiowa County might again start using the Pratt County Landfill for disposal of their recyclables.

n Approved and signed a plat of property for Pratt City Manager Dave Howard, relating to an area designated for a new motel complex. The area is located along U.S. 61 north of Pratt.

n Approved of Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn assisting with the training of newly elected sheriffs in the state of Kansas at a weeklong seminar in Hutchinson.

n Gave permission to Pratt County Road and Bridge Supervisor Randy Phillippi to sell, for $6,000, a 20-foot trailer presently used at the lake for storage, to Arensdorf Construction.