The Agape Health Clinic has been a success, according to the only paid personnel for the program, Director Jeannette Gaider. The remainder of the staff operating the program for the medically-uninsured are volunteers.

From Oct. 11, 2011, through September 2012 the clinic received 936 volunteer hours of service in the treatment of 236 patients from a variety of health care providers. Of the 236 patients treated at the clinic 206 were from Pratt County.

Not only were basic medical services provided to the uninsured, but also there were 35 dental patients treated during the period.

The estimated cost of the free dental procedures alone was $17,658.

Initial medical visits (124) were estimated at a cost of $125 each, or $15,625 and return visits (111) were estimated at a cost of $65 each, or $7,215.

Testing was necessary for treatment of patients attending the clinic and the cost of those tests amounted to $24,979.65 during the period.

Additionally, there was $29,666.83 in PAP costs associated with the program and a total expenditure of $102,348.11 in services provided to the uninsured during the period.

This stopgap program for the medically uninsured may not have a life past 2014 when national health insurance takes full effect, but it has been extremely beneficial in recent months.