Occasionally, someone does something quite expected and shows a kindness or common courtesy, while most would simply pass by the stranger on the side of the road. This happened to a friend and me twice recently while we were out cycling after dark in Pratt County.

In one instance, we had just across Highway 54 just west of skyline when I stopped to pull off a layer of clothing, as the temperature was warmer than I had expected. I laid my bicycled on the ground as I sat on the ground next to it. The various flashing lights attached to the bike attracted the attention of a passing motorist. Two women in a car, possibly a mother and daughter, pulled up and asked if I was okay. They had thought someone might be down from an accident. I said I was fine. They left me with a cheerful, “Be safe,” flipped a U-turn and continued on their journey.

The second instance of kindness happened this past week when my friend and I were riding back into town on 1st St. several miles west of town on the dirt when my rear tire flatted. In the process of changing the flat, I left my helmet light on so that we could see to accomplish the task. The movement of this “headlight” attracted the attention of the occupants of a nearby house. As we finished up the repair, a woman drove up with her two sons (possibly) and said they had noticed lights flickering and asked if we needed any helped. We said we had just finished changing a flat and thanked them for coming out to check on us. They drove forward and turned around toward their home as we headed east toward Pratt.

I want to thank again these strangers who stopped to show a little kindness and lend a hand if needed. Unfortunately, such offers are becoming less and less commonplace in today’s world, as we become less trusting of one another. Experiences like these help to reaffirm my faith in humanity and provide a little hope for the future. It also serves as a good personal reminder to step outside of my comfort zone when I may come across someone in need.