One of the most important moments that most students look forward to is right around the corner for the Skyline seniors. Graduation.

The majority of the Skyline seniors are ready to graduate, but before they can be handed their diploma they must complete a senior project. In previous years, Skyline has required their students to do community service hours in order to graduate. This year the students are to find a topic that interests them and then find a mentor that works in that field. Seniors are also required to write an essay to go along with their project for their English IV class.

Some seniors have found their topic and a mentor.

"I have already followed my mentor, Dr. Fowler, for six hours," senior Ashley Koirth said. "This time includes following him on office visits and watching deliveries."

Every day that passes, other students are feeling the pressure as to find a topic and a mentor.

"I'm definitely feeling a rush to decide what my topic should be," senior Allison Sanders said. "I want more time to explore my options."

Even though this project is a big part of the students' final grade, some students are not feeling the pressure. They find working with mentors in a field that they may go into an exciting experience.

"I'm really excited to get started. I have two mentors, one is an ARNP that is very knowledgeable in emergency medicine at Kiowa County Memorial Hospital," senior Colten Sharp-Ebert said. "My other mentor is a physician in internal medicine at Pratt Regional Medical Center."

The Skyline seniors are very grateful to the city of Pratt and the surrounding areas for taking the time to mentor and work with them.

Tony Marquez is a senior at Skyline School.