Simple gifts mean the most on Valentine's Day.

My husband and I have never been ones to honor each with expensive gifts on Valentine's Day. In fact, we rarely gift each other at all on this "special" holiday. Our thoughts are driven by the fact that we don't like society dictating when it's appropriate to tell someone that you love or appreciate them. This action should happen on a continual basis and should rarely include frivolous gifts.

My words may sound harsh but our relationship is built upon spending time with each other. Our limited income has always driven the need for simplicity. And after owning a restaurant and witnessing the hundreds of dollars people spend on meals, flowers and gifts we are even more grateful for the simple actions that truly display an appreciation for one another.

So this year on Valentine's Day I challenge you to forget about the fancy meals and expensive gifts. Spend time with someone who brings special meaning to your life. I have many best friend. Once you identify who you want to spend time with, focus on something that you have in common. It can be as basic as reading a book together, talking a walk through the park or watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn.  Keep it simple.