Scripture:   Psalm 23:1  NIV  The Lord is my shepherd. 

Observation:    If not the most well-known portion of scriptures, Psalm 23 must be in the top two or three.   I believe what makes this psalm such a favorite of so many is the fourth word.   In the six verses there are twelve personal pronouns (me, my, and I).         

Application:   This was one of the first scripture passages I learned as a child.  As I grew older and came to know and better understand MY Shepherd, this psalm has grown in value to me.   Jesus is my personal Good Shepherd.  This is how He takes care of me.     
It is good to quote with the parents of a new-born baby in faith that the Good Shepherd will guide and protect their family, and especially this new child.  I have quoted it with a family standing around the bedside of a dying parent.  MY Shepherd gives courage and hope. 

Prayer:   Lord, although you are the Creator of all things, yet you see yourself as Leon’s Shepherd!  That is indeed amazing!  I can rest in your love and care.   Amen 

Pastor Leon
Making friends for time and eternity!