A broken gas line at Stanion Electric forced the evacuation of the building and rerouted traffic on South Main Wednesday afternoon.

A Stanion employee was driving a forklift outside the building on the east side, hit a gas line and broke it off at ground level, said Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer.

Employees were immediately evacuated to Loren Minnis Park across the street on the west side of South Main.

Pratt Firefighters took up positions on the east and west side of the building while Kansas Gas Service was notified. South Main was closed from 10th street to 8th street and traffic was diverted around the area.

Although the wind was light, it kept shifting direction and the strong smell of gas kept wafting around the building. Firefighters were concerned that gas might collect inside the building causing the possibility of an explosion.

A generator not far from the gas leak came on and Kramer said he didn't want it running. A city power crew came and shut off the electricity to the building.

Kansas Gas Service arrived on the scene and had the gas shut off about an hour and a half after the break that occurred around 3 p.m. Fans were used to ventilate the building and no one was injured in the incident.