Voters in Tuesday's elections will see a lot of names on the ballots but most candidates are running unopposed with only a couple of contested races.

Polling stations are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2 at the Pratt Community Center at 619 North Main and the Church of Christ at 3230 Country Club Road.

In one of the contested races, Pratt City Commission incumbents Jeff Taylor and Gary Skaggs are both running for re-election and are challenged by Nelson Burrell and Vic Graf.

In other races, the Boards of Education for USD 382 and USD 438 plus the Pratt Community College Board of Trustees all have members up for re-election and all are running unopposed.

Incumbent Board members for Pratt USD 382 are Bill Bergner, Mark Fincham and Andrea Wilson are all running for re-election and are all running unopposed.

Also running unopposed are USD 438 Skyline incumbent Board members Rex Robinson, Jeff Slade and Joe Novotny.

At Pratt Community College, incumbent Trustees Michael Koler and Jeff Shumway are running for re-election. Incumbent Trustee Wendell Howell is also up for re-election but has chosen not to run again.

Dwane DeWeese is the only other candidate running in the Trustee election so the Trustees race has three people running for three positions.

The Third Class cities in the county each elect a mayor and a five-member city council. If more than one candidate runs for mayor, the person with the most votes wins.

If more than five people run for council, the five people with the most votes are on the council.

Among the third class city contested races in the county, Cullison has a two-way race for mayor with Dee Hutchins challenging incumbent Mayor Don Rose.

The Cullison City Council also has a contested race with six people running for five positions. Running in that election are James Niblett, Donna Rose, Theodore Stahl, Bobbie Booi, Gloria Patrick and Michael Slief.

The Iuka City Council also has six people running for five positions.

Brad Gorge, Tom Helsel, Keith Backman, Warren Briggeman, Gerald Tucker and Lee Van Slyke are the candidates in that race. Marsha Giggy is the only candidate for Iuka Mayor.

No other races in the third class towns are contested. The candidates for the other city races are:

• Byers candidates: mayor-Kyle Waters; city council-Ginny Poschen and Amelia Ballantine.

• Coats candidates: mayor-Eric Bronson; city council- Mildred Eubank, Tiffany Ailstock, Randy Cole, Josh Rathgever and Patsy Fittro-Nowles.

• Preston candidates: mayor-Les Ferguson; city council- David Tritt, Jacqualyn Metcalfe, Jesse Mercer and Dean Inslee.

• Sawyer candidates: mayor-Louis Green; city council- Dee Weber, Randy Kumberg, Eric Mason, Lisa Clifton and Lothair Dauner.