It is that time of year again. No, not time for spring cleaning but time for another election. We all have seen the political yard signs all over the City. I personally like political yard signs when used properly. It shows support for a candidate from the person or family who live on the property.

But in the last few years some candidates seem to use them more for yard art on vacant lots and empty houses than in a registered voter's property.

With all of the signs out there you would think everyone would take time to vote but unfortunately the opposite is more the norm.

I think part of the problem with lack of voter turnout is the fact there are too many elections in some years. There has been discussion in the state legislature to move spring elections to the fall to coincide with the general and county elections.

I hope our state elected leaders will act on this and make it happen. This change would not only make it easier to remember to vote but would also save cities and schools a lot of money by not having their own election.

This coming Tuesday, April 2, you need to take the time to vote. We have school board, college trustees and two city commissioners to vote for. District 382 school board and the PCC trustees are uncontested but the next two city commissioners will be decided from a group of four.

By now, we all should have read the profiles of the city commission candidates. If you have not done so, take the time and go back and read them online at It is helpful to know where the candidates stand on particular issues.

The Pratt Tribune staff asked some good questions and got very different answers from the candidates. One candidate says "Pratt's economy is in the toilet".

Other candidates see all the growth Pratt is experiencing and want to continue supporting the growth.

Another candidate wants to stop the City from supporting housing development and investing in Pratt's future and claims the City has too much so called "debt".

Other candidates see that Pratt has a well put together budget that other communities only dream of having and are willing to invest in Pratt's infrastructure to insure a better place for our future.

Candidates have the right to give their opinion on different issues when campaigning, but the people who vote also should know the facts and not be misled on important issues that affect them, especially when it comes to their pocket book.

It is important for you to know the City of Pratt's financial condition is excellent. Every year records are broke for sales tax collection and the so called motel tax (transient guest tax). This proves that Pratt is doing everything right for business growth and promoting Pratt in general.

Pratt's economy is certainly not "in the toilet" as some would say and how much can the City invest in itself to make Pratt a better place for our future? I guess that is for you to decide.

This Tuesday, April 2, you will decide who will represent you for city, school and college elected officials. Take the time to know where they stand. Do they have a personal agenda? Are they mad at the City for prior events that happened to them? Are they looking out for your best interest?

Find out. Let your voice be heard and take the time to vote.

Eric Nystrom is a former mayor and Pratt City commissioner.