A small group of 4-H members went hunting Monday morning, using the global positioning system on a smartphone to guide the search.

"We're going to find the geocache?" questioned first-year member Maddox Riffey. "Here?"

Eyes wide, he wanted to know, "will there be money?"

Jarod DeWeese, guiding the hunt, explained they would be looking for a metal ammo box containing 4-H memorabilia and other items. If they were successful, they could open the box, check the contents, take an item only if they had something to replace it with, and then hide it better, in the same location.

The cache was hidden at the Pratt County Fairgrounds in 2006 and had been found previously in February of this year.

The small band set out, undaunted by light rain and a smattering of hail, and in a short time, found their prize, logged the find and re-stashed it among fallen trees and brush.

There are more than 2 million active geocaches and more than 5 million geocachers worldwide, according to geocaching.com

The activity was held on what was scheduled to be a spring holiday for both schools; however Pratt students were in class, making up a snow day. DeWeese and Matthew Giles led a session on rocketry and robotics.

Taylor DeWeese and MaKala Orler took charge in the kitchen, helping younger members prepare cookies and cupcakes to deliver to area businesses and individuals who support the 4-H program. The group also prepared pizza for lunch.

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