The Thunderbirds are migrating southeast in 2014.

The Skyline High School Marching Band is heading to the Magic Kingdom to show off their marching skills, said Skyline Band Director Bob Lee.

Every two years the band travels and performs. Lee had traveled with the Pratt High School Marching Band to Disney World and decided to take the idea to his Skyline students and parents. The idea was a success.

"Everybody thought it would be a good idea," Lee said. "So I put some numbers together to make it work."

In 2014 the band will spend spring break, March 15 to 23, hitting the road to Florida to march three-quarters of a mile through the Magic Kingdom on Friday, March 21.

The band will march from 20 minutes to 40 minutes before a major Disney parade. The estimated crowd will be from 17,000 to 20,000 park visitors.

"The kids are very excited. It's a chance to perform in front of a huge crowd," Lee said.

While at Disney World, the band will visit the theme parks plus spend several days at the beach.

Fund-raising is already underway to help pay for the expenses to Florida. Students have sold chocolate and cookie dough. More fundraisers are planned for 2013-2014.

Since marching season is over in late fall and the trip will be at the start of spring, the band will spend about a week reworking what they did in the fall, Lee said.

At this time it looks like 52 students will be in band in 2013-2014. For the trip the students and eight sponsors will pile on a school bus and head south.

The group will stay off site and use the bus to travel back and forth to the Magic Kingdom.

Besides Disney World, the theme parks and the beach, the group will also travel to Ron Jon's Surf Shop at Cocoa Beach to take in a classic surf shop and maybe pick up a surf board.

When the band performs they will be marching in new uniforms, at least uniforms that are new to the band.

Lee was able to get a great price on some lightly used band uniforms, five to seven years old, from a source in Texas. Kim Lee, Bob's wife, found the uniforms on E-Bay and Bob was able to get 100 uniforms for a fraction of the cost of new uniforms.

Fruhauf, a famous, quality uniform company, made the uniforms that feature a dark blue coat with a metallic sash that shines with multi-colors in the sun. The sashes have some red trim but that will be replaced with Columbia blue.

Lee wants to add an emblem on the left side of the coat front that identifies the band as Thunderbirds.

The uniforms also feature a hat and white plume with silver highlights that glisten in the sun light. The hat has a red trim that will be covered with blue as well.

Part of the low cost included Lee driving to Fort Worth, Texas to pick up the hats on Sunday, April 28.

Lee made the entire trip in one day but it was worth it.

"We got a really nice price," Lee said.

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