Pratt County Commissioner Glenna Borho has questioned policies presently being used to regulate, or not regulate, employee use of vacation and sick leave. Accumulation of hours of both, according to Borho, does not seem to be fair to Pratt County.

One of the major flaws in the present policies being used, allows employees to be paid for accumulated hours at their most recent rate of pay even though hours were earned years ago when employees were making a far smaller hourly wage.

Borho said she thought employees should be paid only at the rate of pay during which the hours of vacation and sick leave were earned. Additionally, during the discussion, Commissioner Joe Reynolds said he thought employees should be required to take vacation and sick leave annually, or lose it, similar to what happens in the business community.

Because of the absence of Commissioner Charles Rinke, it was decided to discuss the issue at length in the future. Additionally. Borho stated, she thought the county commissioners should tighten the procedures for budget hearings and have a more direct input into the process. According to Borho, the process being used does not allow the commissioners to have enough control over the mill levy and any reductions, which might be possible through a tighter process.

In other matters, commissioners:

• signed an annual lease with John Swindler for property surrounding the Pratt County Landfill in the amount of $1,728.

• discussed a new program with Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce Director Jan Scarbrough and Carol Meyer, with the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDOC). The program provides matching funds to eligible Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) applicants that are starting or purchasing an existing business in an eligible ROZ county. An article relating to the program will be forthcoming from KDOC in the near future.

In other business, the commissioners:

• were informed by Pratt County Veterans' Memorial Lake Supervisor Nick Birdsong, security cameras are installed at that location. Pratt County Road and Bridge Supervisor Randy Phillippi agreed to get telephone numbers for rock quarries in the area, so Birdsong can repair piers at he lake.

• signed Juvenile Justice Authority "Conditions of Grant" for Pratt County Probation and Parole.

• were informed road and bridge crews were working on Cairo Road and accumulating asphalt to be used on various road projects in the county.

• were informed by Sheriff Vernon Chinn, that he had met with HHM Architects, Kansas City, to discuss rehabilitation at the Pratt Law Enforcement Center. Additionally, Chinn had the group look at what was going to be needed to secure the courthouse, to meet state requirements. Pratt County can opt out of doing anything for up to four years, according to Chinn.

• approved a $200 donation for the annual 75ers' Dinner.

• were informed by Great Plains Development, the loan for High Plains Veterinary Services has been paid in full.