The Pratt County Extension Office has asked for a small increase in the county's budget appropriation this year ($5,700), following two years of remaining the same. In 2012 the county's appropriation was $188,000, while the request for 2014 is $193,700. The last time the county's appropriation was raised was in 2012 when it was raised $3,000.

Expenditures are proposed as follows: printing, audit, treasurer bond and liability insurance ($2,500); telephone ($2,800, an increase of $100); rent, heat and lights ($9,000, a decrease of $500); supplies, stationery, and postage ($7,000, a decrease of $45); equipment ($4,500, a decrease of $2,500); educational program support ($6,000, the same as last year); travel ($6,500, a decrease of $1,000); subsistence ($2,588, a decrease of $1,312); salaries and wages ($165.000, an increase of $6,957); and employee benefits ($31,000, an increase of $4,000).

Additionally non-appropriated funds or reimbursable transactions ($15,000, the same as last year) and equipment replacement reserve ($25,000, an increase of $13,000) brings proposed total expenditures to $276,888.

Proposed receipts include an unencumbered cash balance in the amount of $4,500, Kansas State University program funds of $38,888, county appropriation of $193,700, non-appropriated funds or reimbursable transactions of $15,000, and equipment replacement reserve of $25,000 for a balance of $276,888.

Extension Agents Mark Ploger and Jodi Drake thanked commissioners for their continued support and gave an overview of the accomplishments of the past year.