Dear Editor,

We visited Pratt last week, hung out with friends and went to the fair and totally enjoyed ourselves. When we prepared to leave on Sunday, we pulled our camper into 6th street park where we had been told we'd find a dump station for our waste tanks. It was there, but was locked. A sign told us that Mon-Fri we could get a key at the city building or we could go to the police station. This was not very convenient.

For one, many visitors may not know where those places are located. The other, we had a 21 Ft camper, it is not easy dragging it around town, and then trying to find a place to park at those locations to go get the key and then bring it back.

We found out later there was a dump station at the lake. It might have been nice if that information was available there in the park so people would know of other and more convenient options. As it was, we headed home with full tanks and eventually we pulled into the campground area at Wellington Lake to empty our tanks.

I think Pratt might want to find some way to make this easier for visitors. When we left, I was not sure I EVER wanted to bring my camper back again if it was going to be that much trouble to dump the tanks. Now that I know about the lake, I will take it there. (Hopefully they don't lock it as well!)

On another note, Pratt has one of the best History Museums in the state. Very creative, well thought out and a very good collection. The museum at the Fish & Game Headquarters is worth seeing and the B29 memorial at the airport is very nice. If you live in Pratt and have never taken time to visit these places, or maybe it has been awhile, you need to go. You just might learn something.

Other than the "dumping issue" we enjoyed our stay and all the friendly people and interesting things we found.

John Shelman

Arkansas City