An Arkansas car suffered minor damage from a fire Tuesday afternoon.

Pratt Firefighters quickly extinguished a fire of unknown causes that caused minor damage to a car from Arkansas Tuesday afternoon in Pratt.

The vehicle, a 2005 Chrysler 300, started "acting rough" around Dodge City, said owner Ron Lockwood of Rogers, Ark.

Smoke started to show around Cullison but they came on to Pratt, said driver Marsha Lockwood. The car was parked on the west side of Kwik Shop and the family got out of the car and called for fire trucks.

When firefighters first arrived a little fire was visible on top of the motor. The firefighters got the fire out before it could do extensive damage to the vehicle.

Once the fire was out, firefighters tried to figure out the cause but were unsuccessful. The fire was confined to the engine compartment. The Lockwood family including son Logan and daughter Megan had been vacationing in Colorado and were on their way home to Arkansas when the fire broke out. They were not injured in the incident.