Although I am very upset that Sandy Scarberry is no longer shelter manager at the Pratt Area Humane Society, I will try to keep my comments positive.

I am positive that no animals were needlessly euthanized for over a year, something that has never happened there before. I am positive that everyone calling or visiting the shelter was greeted with a smile and was treated in a kind and professional manner. I am positive that she spent countless unpaid hours of the animals she loved. I am positive that some animals labeled unadoptable because of age or health ended up at her home. And finally, I am positive that it will be difficult if not impossible to find a replacement with her compassion for those shelter animals.

Thank you very much for all you did for PAHS, Sandy. You will be greatly missed.

Mike Keltner

Medicine Lodge

Editor's Note: Sandy Scarberry's last day at the Pratt Area Humane Society shelter was Jan. 9. Shelter employee Cheryl Nystrom is serving as interim manager and two PAHS board members also alternate in running the shelter until a new manager can be hired.