Tip of the Week
Some home improvement projects have overlapping job requirements, making them a natural fit for handling at the same time to save time and labor costs. Here are two examples of projects best done together:
Roof and skylights - Replacing an old or damaged roof is an ideal time to install or upgrade any rooftop structures, such as skylights. Modern skylights can improve indoor air quality through passive ventilation, and reduce dependence on artificial light sources, helping trim energy costs.
Countertops and sinks - While installing new countertops, itís far easier to install a new sink at the same time than to do so later. While youíre at it, consider a new faucet to complete the updated look.
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Home-Selling Tip
Installing an upscale garage door costs an average of just under $2,800, and can be expected to recoup almost 90 percent of that cost at resale, according to Remodeling Magazineís Cost vs. Value Report.
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Did You Know
Cash back
Costs for some home upgrades, like the installation of solar-powered fresh-air skylights or solar blinds, are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit.
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Decorating Tip
Quick brightener
Adding colorful throw pillows to the sofa and living room furniture is an easy way to brighten the room. Mix and match pastels for a festive and seasonal look.
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Garden Guide
Safer weed control
For small weeds that keep popping up in vegetable gardens, try spraying them with white vinegar of 5 percent acidity. The ever-versatile vinegar isnít strong enough to kill fully grown weeds, but can be effective against new sprouts. Itís also non-lingering, and the surrounding soil will be back to normal within about a day.