Change is the only constant and that is true with the ownership of the health care facility on the north side of Pratt.

Mission Health has purchased the Deseret facility on Larimer Street and has renamed it Pratt Health and Rehabilitation, a Mission Health managed community. Besides the Pratt facility, Mission Health has purchased 14 Deseret facilities in Kansas, said Linda Waters, facility administrator.

As of Monday, May 4, Deseret, as a company, is closed down and no longer in business. The change over to Mission Health has been fairly quick and smooth. The staff is anxious to work with the new company.

“We’re very excited,” Waters said.

Waters said they were notified Feb. 27 about the change and that the change in ownership was effectively immediately. The company has been in transition ever since and the transition has been smooth.

“Mission Health has been great to work with,” Waters said. “The staff is very excited about the change.”

For now, the only visible change in the facility is a temporary cloth sign covering the former Deseret sign in front of the building but other changes, both cosmetic and in one area of resident care are coming.

When Mission Health took over, they sent representatives to the facility to do an inspection to determine what areas needed attention.

On the list of improvements is new shingles on the roof, repaving the parking lot, a new emergency generator for the facility, new energy efficient windows, new carpeting for the hallways, a new water heater and water lines.

The facility underwent a facelift several years ago that included painting and new flooring throughout the facility.

The improvements are very welcome to the facility that has delayed some upkeep.

“We’re getting a lot of maintenance we should have had earlier,” Waters said.

Along with facilities upgrades, a new company will provide therapy for residents. Select Medical Therapy will now provide occupational, speech and physical therapy. These therapies were already provided for residents but the company providing this service has changed.

Other than the change in the therapy provider, all the programs will remain in place at the facility.

Select Medical Therapy took over therapy treatment when Mission Health bought the facility.

With the new company in place, the facility will have an additional reason to celebrate next week during National Nursing Home Week.

A “Bring on the Fiesta” is planned including an ice cream social from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on May 16.

The facility has a total staff of 60 and has 59 beds for residents. It is located at 1221 Larimer was formerly known as Lakewood Senior Living of Pratt.