Representative Greg Lewis, a Republican representing the 113th House District, filed for re-election to the Kansas House last week. He was elected by Republican precinct committeemen and women in March to complete the term of Rep. Basil Dannebohm (R-Ellinwood) who resigned the seat.

“This election will determine the future of our district and our state. We need a voice of reason in Topeka fighting for our district – not for special interests that would rather see our values destroyed: values such as our rural economy, our schools and our farms. I am that voice fighting for our rural way of life,” Lewis said.

Lewis is a farmer, husband, father of two and grandfather of three. He previously served on the St. John-Hudson School Board.

He continued, “I am proud of my service to our district – and I ask for the support of our district to continue the fight for our farms, our businesses, our schools and our health care. We need more everyday Kansans with common sense serving in Topeka."