Lori Newquist found a unique Kansas Centennial coin at a gun show. The coin has Miss Kansas Pageant minted on the reverse side.

The Miss Kansas Pageant has generated numerous souvenir items over the years. Lori Newquist likes to collect Miss Kansas memorabilia and a few years ago at a gun show, she found a Kansas Bicentennial coin with MISS KANSAS PAGEANT PRATT, KANSAS engraved on the reverse side. The Kansas Bicentennial coin was deliberately minted with a blank area on the reverse side so it could be engraved with anything like this coin that relates to the pageant that starts next week in Pratt. The obverse side of the coin has Centennial of the State of Kansas 1861-1961, the Kansas Seal, representations of wheat, a sunflower, a meadowlark, a bison, a cow, a manufacturing plant, a covered wagon, a bus, a truck, a train, airplanes and the words "MIDWAY USA."

Besides Miss Kansas Pageant Pratt, Kansas, the reverse side has: Official Centennial Coin of Kansas, Land of Friendly and Neighborly People 1861-1961