These are my own thoughts by simply putting two and two together.

Democrats keep losing elections. They lost a big one in Georgia recently even after spending a fortune of outside money.

What's their message besides destroying Trump? Unfortunately, for Dems that's pretty much it and, obviously, that's not working.

There are two parts to ousting our president by Dems. Rake him over the coals incessantly with the help of media. Secondly, say "no" to everything or anything Trump wants to do to make America great again no matter what it is. In other words, impeachment and obstructionism.

We keep reading and hearing the party needs to do more. Call it a message to voters of what Dems stand for otherwise.

I always have been amused when hearing top Dems talk about the party's values. Their mantra is "we will oppose Trump if he is against our values." But the top dogs never say what those values are.

That being said, we can pretty much surmise what Dems stand for and I have news for them, as I see it. Average everyday grassroots Americans aren't going to vote for their agenda even if it is something other than obstructionism or impeachment.

No, America's voters are not going to vote for open borders, welfare mostly rather than jobs, climate change mandates that add extensively to our debt. Unfettered Muslim refugee immigration, abortion on demand, transgender bathrooms, a downsized military, globalism, redistribution of wealth socialism, continuation of Obamacare, greater taxation, etc.

Nor are grassroots Americans going to put up with the old playbook of calling the opposition racist, bigot, homophobe, etc., instead of honest to goodness debate about the real issues. Character assassinations of Trump and having meltdowns about his tweets are getting boring and old, as is the false narrative of Russia collusion.

In spite of what you hear or read, the Donald Trump Jr. Russia collusion story will bite the dust just like all the others — no evidence of any kind a crime was committed.

If Dems are for minorities, how will they explain more blacks in jobs today under Trump than when Obama was president? Dems rail about the rich, but why did the top 1 percent get richer under Obama — and the poor poorer.

Fake news coming from partisan media is the kiss of death for Dems. Liberal media does more harm than good. That certainly will be the case if agendas are thrown at voters liberals don't actually believe in. Voters will see through the lies.

Many liberals want to go even further left of Obama's eight years. Why in the world would voters want to be even more extreme than during Obama's eight years? How does that make any sense in winning elections?

Another point I wish to make is that liberals don't operate in the realm of reality. Average-day Americans do and will vote based on facts when they go to the polls.

Sorry Dems, your message, no matter what, will not carry the day. The divide between your ideology and what average Americans stand for is like my state's Grand Canyon.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.