Winners of livestock, food, parade and other categories at the Richmond Free Fair are listed below. The fair took place July 13-15 in Richmond.

4-H Awards:

Beef Steer: Champion – Jaley Ferguson, Reserve – Jayden Teter

Beef Heifer: Champion – Bailey Brockus, Reserve – Austin Teter

Bucket Calf: Champion – Claire Erwin, Reserve – Madison Scott

Market Hog: Champion – Cass Burroughs, Reserve – Gracie Ferguson

Gilt: Champion – Calla Higbie, Reserve – Lane Higbie

Market Lamb: Champion – Hailey Gillespie, Reserve – Emily Vanleiden

Ewe: Champion – Hailey Gillespie, Reserve – Lane Higbie

Dairy Goat: Champion – Arien Stalford, Reserve – Arien Stalford

Meat Goat: Champion – Hailey Gillespie, Reserve – Amber Dilley

Breeding Goat: Champion – Amber Dilley, Reserve – Amber Dilley

Rabbit: Champion – Wyatt Oberly, Reserve –Amber Dilley

Large Fowl: Champion – Noah Short, Reserve – Jayden Lee

Bantam: Champion – Arien Stalford, Reserve – Arien Stalford

Water Fowl: Champion – Conner Lee, Reserve – Reagen Lee

Fitting and Showing Contest:

Beef Fitting and Showing: Beginner Champion – Vance Hahn, Reserve – Heath Schull; Jr. Champion – Calla Higbie, Reserve – Adelle Higbie; Inter. Champion – Austin Teter, Reserve – Lane Higbie; Sr. Champion – Katie Seaman, Reserve – Avery Stalford

Sheep Fitting and Showing: Beginner Champion – Timberlyn Browning, Reserve – Catlyn Detwiler; Jr. Champion – MacKenzie Cunningham¸ Reserve – Tyler Gillespie; Inter. Champion – Hailey Gillespie, Reserve – Lane Higbie; Sr. Champion – Morgan Jilek, Reserve – Tessa Jirak

Swine Fitting and Showing: Beginner Champion – Timberlyn Browning, Reserve – Heath Schull; Jr. Champion – Ely Burroughs, Reserve – Calla Higbie; Inter. Champion – Cass Burroughs, Reserve – Lane Higbie; Sr. Champion – Megan Davis, Reserve – Brooke Riggs

Goat Showmanship: Beginner Champion – Kamderlynn Rubick, Reserve- Timberlyn Browning; Jr. Champion – Adelle Higbie, Reserve – Cedar Caruso; Inter. Champion – Hailey Gillespie, Reserve – Rebecca Sprague; Sr. Champion – Kendra Sprague, Reserve – Augusta Browning

Rabbit Showmanship: Jr. Champion – Josiah Meyer; Inter. Champion – Emma Cubit; Sr. Champion – Evan Pulliam

Poultry Showmanship: Jr. Champion – Arien Stalford; Inter. Champion – Reagan Lee; Sr. Champion – Jayden Lee

4-H Food Exhibit: Champion – Morgan Jilak

Best Entry 4-H Canning: Pickles – Hailey Gillespie, Soft Spread – Hayden Newton

Best Loaf Yeast Bread: Megan Davis

4-H Floriculture: Champion – Kamryn Stinebaugh

4-H Clothing/Crocheting: Champion – Hailey Gillespie, Reserve – Kamryn Stinebaugh

4-H Arts and Crafts: Champion – Layne Lutz

4-H Photography: Champion – Timothy Pearce, Reserve – Layne Lutz

4-H Garden Exhibit: Champion – Sterling Shepherd

4-H Woodworking: Champion – Dylan Kimball

Open Class Awards:

Champion Loaf Yeast Bread – Carol Bauck

Champion Loaf Machine Bread – Janice Rodriguez


Fruit: Champion – Sr. Loretta Roeckers, Reserve – Sr. Loretta Roeckers

Pickles: Champion – Karen Gillespie, Reserve – Sr. Loretta Roeckers

Soft Spread: Champion – Kate Shepherd, Reserve – Karen Gillespie

Meat: Champion – Chris Ellefson

Arts and Crafts: Champion – Kamryn Stinebaugh, Reserve – Mark Rickabaugh

Photography: Champion – Morgan Egidy; Reserve – Sierra Hahn

Textiles: Champion – Margie Hutchison, Reserve – Mary Boase

Quilt: Champion – St. Boniface Church, Reserve – Joan Rockers

Flower Champions:

Div. I (growing plants and flowers) – Mary Sue Cox

Div. II (cut flowers) – Rylie Stroup

Div. III (children 9 years and younger) – Faith Coons

Div. IV (juniors 10–16 years) – Jayden Bentley

Div. V (artistic arrangement) – Melvin Bauck

Div. VI (misc. artistic arrangements) – Carol Bauck


Open Class Floats – 1st Roeckers Family, 2nd Richmond Museum

Best Decorated Child’s Velocipede: 1st Elijah Beckman, 2nd Phineas, 3rd Tucker Oestreicher

Best Decorated Doll Carriage: 1st Eliza Prothe

Best Decorated Bicycle: 1st Noah Thurston, 2nd Zoe Prothe, 3rd Bree Schafer

Best Decorated Pet: 1st Arien Stalford

Best Costume Relating to Theme: 1st Alex Bentley, 2nd Jayden Bentley, 3rd Noah Thurston

Grand Champion Overall Kid’s Parade: Elijah Beckman