Long-time Kansas resident, corn-fed farm girl and avid sports enthusiast, Erin Burke, has recently been hired as the sports editor for the Dodge City Daily Globe. A journalism graduate from Kansas State University, she spent her freshman year on the sidelines of both football and basketball games cavorting and dancing as a Pridette (i.e., the antiquated name for the Classy Cats) dressed primarily in spandex. But, it wasn't until her sophomore year that she embraced her burgeoning career as a journalist and began working as a news reporter for the Kansas State Collegian.

After graduating in 1993, Burke moved to Dallas where she completed several internships, one of which was with the American Cancer Society where she organized cancer awareness and smoking prevention events for children and young adults. In her spare time, she played in amateur sporting leagues competing in football, volleyball, softball and race car driving. Constantly seeking a good story, Burke also became involved with Cigar Lifestyles magazine, writing several features over the course of her tenure in Dallas. As well, she wrote for WHERE Dallas magazine and various Internet lifestyle Web sites.

In 2000, she moved to Chicago where she accepted the role of magazine editor for the American Hospital Association. For the next 9 years, she worked closely with supply chain and infection control professionals, CEOS, doctors and nurses to ensure that Materials Management in Health Care magazine provided the most current and relevant information possible. All the while, her love of sports never dwindled and she attended as many professional sporting events as possible. From hockey and baseball to football, all were titillating in their own right, but Cubs' and Bears' games were, by far, the most memorable due largely to Chicago's inimitable fan contagion.

Los Angeles was Burke's next stop where she started a freelance writing business focusing on health care technology and radiology. And, though living 1 block from the the iconic Hollywood Boulevard proved both an inspiration and an incomparable adventure, Kansas eventually called her home in 2012.

Here she lived off-and-on around the Kinsley area for several years before embarking on a 6-month sojourn in South America where she explored everything from the nether regions of Easter Island and the Atacama Desert to the metropolitan glitz of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Medellin, Colombia. (Though the intent of the trip was to attain fluency in Spanish, she opted to forgo classes and learn the language organically through conversations with the locals. This was only a moderately effective approach because most everyone with whom she conversed spoke English fluently, save for pilfering cab drivers.)

Among the highlights of her trip were attending a Rolling Stones concert in Santiago, Chile, with several other thousand screaming fans, a 5-day trek through the Peruvian mountains and jungles to Machu Picchu, scuba diving in Cartegena, Colombia, and tango dancing in Argentina. This adventure spurred her love of writing so that when she returned to Kansas, she opted to discontinue freelancing for corporations and return to her journalistic roots—newspapers.

The sports editor position ideally combines her love of both sports and writing in such a way that is both challenging and exciting. She is very much looking forward to this new adventure as well as collaborating with those in the community to give sports lovers the best possible coverage.


Contact the writer at eburke@dodgeglobe.com.