Paul and Terry Olsen have put their art collection on display at the Vernon Filley Art Museum as part of a museum display of western themed art works.

Statues, paintings, rag paper images are all part of the Paul and Terry Olsen private collection that is currently on display at the Vernon Filley Art Museum. The current theme at the Filley is "Anything But Flat: Dimensional Artwork of the Old West and features for the Olsen collection as well as pieces from the Filley permanent collection.

The artwork will be on display from Aug. 4 to Nov. 3. Besides the Olsen collection, other artworks on display include artists Ed Morgan, Curt Mattison, Black Bear Bosin, Fred Fellows, Gerald Bakiar, Lisa Grossman, Pete Felten, John Maisano, Curt Boles, R.C. (Rick) Jones and more.

Art lovers gathered at the Filley on Friday, Aug. 4 for an open reception, presented by the Olsens, to start the exhibit. Many at the reception were unaware the Olsens were art collectors.

Paul said he and Terry had been collecting for 37 years during their travels. They had visited lots of galleries and decided to put their collection on display as a tribute to a nice community and as a way to help the Filley Art Museum keep on going down the road.

The portion of their collection on display features 54 art works from 18 artists. Of those 54 artworks, 40 are from Kansas artists.

Olsen said after he bought his first piece of artwork, he just kept buying. He shared stories about the artists like the late Inga Bow who started out in the fashion industry in New York City but wanted to get into pressing plants and flowers into clay. Olsen has several pieces from her collection that are on display.

Olsen has a Lisa Grossman landscape painting that is unique because the one they have is the only landscape Grossman painted that has a structure.

The Olsen's own several works by Ed Morgan that are embossed paper with figures made from hand engraved metal plates. Morgan would spend hours engraving the metal plates that had to be the mirror image of the final product. The works have very fine detail and thats why Olsen purcashed Morgan's art works. Many of Morgan's works are one of a kind.

Many of Olsen's collection have a Native American theme. He found many of the artworks in artist galleries. He and Terry had driven by Pete Felton's gallery several times but couldn't afford to buy any of his work while their daughter was in college.

To help support the Filley, the Olsen's will give a complementary piece of artwork from their collection to the first 14 buyers who make a purchase from the exhibit. The museum will receive a 40 percent commission/donation from every sale at the exhibition.