Greensburg native Tylor Stegman joins elite bull riders at Dodge City Rodeo pro-circuit finals this weekend.

Greensburg native Tylor Stegman competed in the Bull Riding event at the 2017 Kansas Professional Rodeo Association finals this weekend in Dodge City, Kansas. He competed in one of 10 different events, and was one of 12 bull- riders. Stegman grew up in Greensburg, Kansas and has lived there his whole life. At 24 years old, he’s been riding for about nine years, he said, an interest which arose from his maternal grandfather, who also rode.

Riding in Dodge City is cool, Stegman said, because there is a rich history there. The crowd also is a positive.

“It really pumps you up when you hear a lot of crowd gets your motor running for sure,” Stegman said.

His favorite part about riding though, is the camaraderie formed between the riders though.

Riders root for each other to succeed and are all good friends.

“We’re all buddies, we’re all rooting for each other,” Stegman said.

Sure, the riders try to get higher scores than the others, but the real com

petition happens in the ring.

The competition is you versus beast,” Stegman said. “The point system and all that is human-versus-human, but your job is the ride the bull and that’s all you can do.” Dodge City and Greensburg are about 45 miles apart. Performing close to home was something Stegman said he enjoyed. “My family got to come,” Stegman said. “(I’m) pretty blessed for it. I have my family here.”