A new business called Pratt2Go offers hungry customers delivery service from local restaurants.

Nikki Londene saw a need in Pratt when visiting several months back, and Monday she put Pratt2Go, a meal delivery service, into action to fill that need.
"My boyfriend at that time was a railroader and when visiting him here I saw how hard it was to get meals," Londene said. "With Pratt2Go, anyone can order from our contracted restaurants in town and we deliver anywhere in city limits and within 15 miles in 45 minutes or less."
Londene manages seven towns on her MyTown2Go business list, something she has done for over a year now. The five towns in Kansas include Abilene, Junction City, Emporia, Great Bend and Pratt. She also runs delivery services in a suburb of Houston, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama.
"There are 100's of MyTown2Go operations across the country," she said. "But I really like serving the smaller communities like Pratt the best. The drivers get to know their customers and it all goes smoother."
In addition to bringing breakfast, lunch and dinner service to Pratt, Londene also brings job opportunities.
"We currently have five drivers who have passed the qualifications and screening process, but we are always looking for more," she said.
Restaurants currently on the delivery list include Woody's, Legends, El Dos de Oros, Playa Azul, Uptown Cafe, Club D'Est and Taco Delight. More negotiations are underway and new menu options are being added daily. To order, customers can search Pratt2Go online for easy options, or they can call 785-341-7271. A mobile app is available at the Apple Store or Google Play, and Smartphone users can order directly from MyTown2Go.com.
"We deliver from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., so it's really handy for someone getting off work late who doesn't want to cook," Londene said. "We have already been pretty busy this week in Pratt and we will continue to hire drivers if the needs becomes greater."
Londene said the found of MyTown2Go meal delivery service was a Pratt native, Tony Swaintek, whom she thought still has relatives living in the area.
Londene comes to Pratt weekly to oversee her new business here, using office space at the Pratt Chamber of Commerce office.