Plans and locations are firming up for the creation of a dog park in Pratt, as per discussion at city commission meeting Monday.

A dog park in Pratt could soon become reality as plans were shared for location at Monday's city commission meeting. City Parks Superintendent Mark Eckhoff has been working with Recreation Director Bruce Pinkall in studying different parks and areas around town that would work and they have determined that Sixth Street Park would be a better location than Lemon Park.
"We have enough room there for big dogs and we could put a long fence on the west side that would allow for the city to put in a sidewalk there that would connect," Pinkall said. "We have shade, a picnic table, restrooms on the perimeter and a water main real close there."
City manager Rick Eckert said fencing to enclose the entire perimeter of a planned dog park had already been donated to the city for that use. He indicated that the next step would be to get a small committee together to discuss concepts, ideas and costs of what would be included in dog park elements.
Commissioner Don Peters asked if the city liability policy covered altercations that might occur once the dog park was in use between the four-legged friends visiting.
City Attorney Regina Goff answered that dog owners were responsible for their own pets and would be bringing them there at their own risk.
Commissioner Doug Meyers said he thought Sixth Street Park a good location for such an endeavor, as there was plenty of room and it would not encroach or infringe on other park activities.
"We might need to install a fire hydrant there," he said.
Mayor Lucas Kumberg said he was impressed by the work that has already gone into planning a Pratt dog park.
"I think this is a great plan," he said. "Mark has put a lot of thought into this and give our thanks to him."
Mayor Kumberg was also thankful on Monday, for the well-organized Oktoberfest event that took place the prior weekend.
"I was just extremely impressed with the whole thing," he said. "It went off very well, no problems at all that I heard of."
One of the event organizers, Dakota Holtgrieve, was present and spoke during open agenda portion of the meeting.
"Thank you for the use of Green Sports Complex for Oktoberfest," he said. "We handed out 382 bracelets and had 170 ticket sales at the gates. We still have to pay some bills, but all in all consider that it was very successful."
In other business, the commission:
* heard Public Works Director Russ Rabatt's request to install a basketball court and goal at Minnis Park between Jackson and Main Streets on the south side of town.
"We've had some requests to just put up a goal there, but it seems silly to me for us to do that without a nice court surface to play on."
The next step in gaining a goal and court at that location would be to check with the Park and Recreation board, which Rambatt indicated he would follow up on.
* unanimously approved the lot split designation for the American Legion to be zoned as Office and Institution, at the recommendation of City Inspector Brad Blankenship.
* heard that Pratt will host the State High School Tennis Tournament here October 13 and 14, necessitating a need to temporarily close Shaffer Drive during that activity.