The Pratt Pioneers 4-H Club is selling pastries to raise money to assist 4-H Clubs in Florida and Texas impacted by hurricanes.

The 2017 hurricane season will be remembered as one of the worst on record with storms destroying homes, flooding property and leaving millions in the dark without power.

The Pratt Pioneers 4-H Club wanted to take part in 48 Hours of 4-H and was looking for a big community service project. They decided to direct their efforts to the 4-H clubs in Florida and Texas that were impacted by the hurricanes, said club member Lindsey Bergner.

The club considered several options to raise funds including having a bake sale but they didn't think it would bring in enough money. Bergner's mother told her about selling "Kansas Maid" products and that she had seen those products raise good money.

Bergner told the club members and they decided on this very tasty way to raise money and provide some good food at the same time.

The club is selling "Kansas Maid" pastries through Sunday, Oct. 29. The club has 25 members and the club goal is for each member to sell at least 10 items. If successful, the club should raise about $2,000 and be able to split the money between 4-H clubs in the effected areas, said Bergner who has set a goal of selling 20 to 30 items for the project.

While the club considered other fund raiser options, they decided on food because it's easier to sell and people are more likely to make a purchase when the money will go to help people in need, Bergner said.

Bergner said the club had contacted Extension offices in both Florida and Texas and told them of their plans. The money will be sent to those Extension offices to be distributed where its needed the most.

Kansas Maid pastries are breakfast type pastry items that are delivered frozen. To prepare the food, just let it thaw out over night then cook it and add the icing. Items available include cinnamon rolls, strawberry cream cheese braids, caramel sticky buns, apple braids, Italian bread and rolls. Prices are pastries $13 and rolls $16.

Students will be selling the products through next week. Anyone interested in purchasing pastries can contact the Pratt County Extension office at 620-672-6121 or talk with any Pratt Pioneer club member. Once the pastries arrive, the Pratt Pioneers will deliver the food directly to the customer. The items are expected to arrive the week before Thanksgiving so they can be one thing that won't have much preparation time for Thanksgiving.

"They'll have the food before Thanksgiving. We're delivering it within a few days of receiving it," Bergner said.

Pratt County 4-H clubs are always looking for community service projects and when this came along, it was just what they were looking for as a project.

"Community service projects are a big part of what 4-H does," Bergner said.