The Pratt County Commissioners canvassed election ballots Nov. 13 and write-in ballots and a drawing determined the outcome of the city council races in Byers and Sawyer.

The Pratt County Commissioners canvassed the ballots from the Nov. 7 election and the unofficial results listed in the Nov. 9 Tribune were correct as printed except for the following:

In the City Commission race, Nick Barker received 180 votes, not 164 as first reported, but it was not enough to overcome the 461 votes for Doug Meyer or the 380 votes for Jason Leslie.

In the Byers City Council race with five positions available, Isaias Uribe received six write-in votes, the most of any candidate and is on the council. Donna Uribe, Ginny Poschen and Matt Phye all received 5 votes while Amy Hecker and Austin Gates both received 5 write-in votes. Four names from the five candidates receiving 5 votes were drawn to fill out the council. The four drawn were Donna Uribe, Ginny Poschen, Amy Hecker and Austin Gates. They and Isaias Uribe will make up the Byers City Council.

In the Sawyer City Council race, Randy Kumberg received 16 votes and Eric Mason received 15 votes. Write-in candidates Sam Startzman and Dee Weber each received 6 votes and are on the council. Lisa Clifton and Justin Weber each received 3 write-in votes for the last position. Weber's name was drawn and broke the tie so the Sawyer City Council is Kumberg, Mason, Startzman, Dee Weber and Justin Weber.