The Pratt County Landfill is getting a new fence to help catch wind blown material.

A new fence around the south side of the active pit at the Pratt County Landfill will help cut down on trash blowing across the property.

Jason Winkel, landfill manager, told the Pratt County Commissioners about the new fence at their regular weekly meeting Nov. 27. Winkel said his crew had to pickup trash all day that was blowing off the landfill pit and the new fence would help relieve the problem. The new fence will be the same height as the fence on the north side of the pit.

The Recycle Center will play host to Boy Scouts on Nov. 28. The visit is part of scout training about the advantages of recycling. They hope to have a bale on the scale and will have the scouts recycle items.

The Recycle Center has a half pallet of ice melt available if the area gets snow or ice. They may need to replace a blade on their four wheeler because of wear on the blade.

Winkel said he was getting a lot of roofing material at the land fill and that was unusual for this time of year.

If the NextEra Energy wind farm is approved for the south west part of the county, Winkel expects construction to start sometime in March or April.

Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, said his crews were busy mowing black tops and on the north sides of roads to reduce the possibility of snow drifts across roadways.

Tim Branscom, county zoning administrator, presented three names to the commissioners for the County Planning and Zoning Board of Directors. The commissioners approved Charles Riffey, Daryl Trimpe and Morgan Trinkle to continue their positions on the Board.

Branscom is working on establishing a mobile hot spot in the county. It would cost $40 a month for this service. The service works by plugging a cell phone into a computer and would provide a wireless connection in the middle of no where or in an area of a disaster where service had been interrupted because of damaged equipment.

The system could provide service for eight to 10 people at the same time and operate off 4G Verizon Towers.

In January, Branscom will take the first of four courses in "Foundations of Emergency Management." The course requires four two-day training sessions and provides a host of information for both the seasoned and new emergency managers. Topics covered in the course include: Legal issues; influencing, organizing, social vulnerability issues; managing stress; collaboration, preparedness; team building; mitigation; response; prevention and protection; ethical decision-making; recovery; technology; administration; future of emergency management.

Branscom will have to travel to Wichita to take the course. The other course days will be in March, May and July.

Work continues on getting Byers, Coats and Iuka signed up for the County Zoning Plan. Branscom said he hopes to get them signed up before they change their minds on participating.

Pratt County is one of several counties involved in bankruptcy suites with Pratt Well Service. County Counselor Bob Schmisseur said Pratt has the lions share of the money involved and he will offer the other counties involved to have Pratt County take the lead in the case and then pro rate the settlements among the other counties involved in the suite.

Schmisseur said Gordon Stull had found a record of the Pratt County Hospital starting in 1947 when the hospital board was first organized up to 2007. Stull presented the history to Schmisseur who then presented it to Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse.