District Court Judge Frank Meisenheimer ruled Friday, Dec. 1 that copies of the video and audio could be made of a fatal shooting in Sun City.

Barber County District Court Judge Frank Meisenheimer ruled Friday that copies of video and audio recordings of a shooting incident in Sun City that claimed the life of a Sun City man could be made for the victim's wife and her attorneys.

Steven Myers was killed Friday, Oct. 6 when Barber County Undersheriff Virgil Brewer allegedly shot Myers with a beanbag, striking him in the chest and killing him during a confrontation between sheriff's officers and Myers in Sun City.

Michael Kuckelman, attorney for Myers widow Kristina Myers, had pressed Attorney Jeffery Jordon, attorney for the Barber County Sheriff's Office, to be allowed to make copies of the body camera and vehicle camera video and audio under the Open Records Act. Jordan had filed a motion to dismiss the request on the grounds the Open Records Act did not require him to allow copies to be made. The Act does require video and audio recordings be made available for viewing which he did, Jordan said.

Both sides agreed the recordings had been made available to view but the question was whether or not copies could be made under the Open Records Act. After reviewing the relevant portions of the Act, Meisenheimer denied the motion and ruled copies could be made.

Myers said the public should be allowed to view the videos of the incident.

"All I wanted was the truth," Myers said.

Meisenheimer also denied a motion, filed by Brewer's attorney Allen Glendenning, to stop a subpoena that would require Brewer to appear at a Dec. 22 hearing on the grounds that Brewer could present limited testimony on what video and audio equipment was present on the night of the incident.