Tired of the hustle and bustle of the season? Stop in at Vicky's Nail Salon for some special pampering and relaxation.

If the holiday bustle gets overwhelming, a good place to relax and find a little pampering is at Vicky's Nail Salon, 423 S. Main, Pratt.
"I come in here about every two or three weeks," said customer Shelly Metcalf. "I've been getting my nails done for about 20 years and I just love Vicky. She is so sweet and goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are happy. It's very relaxing to come in here."
Metcalf came in on Friday to get a new set of work cut nails, complete with gold glitter on the fourth finger, something she has done special during the holiday season.
Vicky Nguyen, owner of Vicky's Nail Salon, has been a licensed nail practitioner for more than 8 years. She formerly worked in Wichita before moving to Pratt with her four children. She has worked out of her South Main Street store front for two years.
"I love working here in this small town," Nguyen said. "There is too much drama in bigger places. I really care about my customers and I like to have the time to visit with them. I am here for them and am happy to provide this service."
Nguyen gives manicures and pedicures to men and women, in addition to applying acrylics (artificial nails), fillers and a variety of patterns, colors and shapes in nail products. Normal time per appointment is about 25 to 35 minutes, but there have been some special requests that take longer.
"I am here to help," Nguyan said. "One gentleman came is with some toe-nail problems that took over an hour-and-a-half, but I am flexible to adjust time as needed."
Nguyen recently added Monday hours to accommodate increased holiday business to her shop. She is now open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day weekday. If customers need to make special arrangements, she lives close to her shop and can work around just about any schedule.
"I have some women who need to come in at 8 a.m. and I am happy to do that," she said.
As a single mom, Nguyen often has her children in the shop, especially her young daughter, Victoria, now 16 months old.
"She is open and friendly with the customers here," Nguyen said. "At other places she is shy around people she doesn't see every day, but here she laughs and plays with the customers."
The low-key, clean and friendly atmosphere inside Vicky's Nail Salon is a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of shopping customers often experience during the Christmas season.
"I've been other places where you feel like you are in a cattle shoot being herded through the stations," said Metcalf. "Here I know she will listen to what I am needing and I can count on it being a job well done."
Unlike some other nail salons, Nguyen does not charge for single nail repairs or minor nicks that might happen between scheduled appointments. She follows health protocols outlined by Kansas Board of Cosmetology and stays up to date on industry advancements by taking classes in Wichita when needed.